Peter Rosenberg – “S.R.D” (ft. Styles P, Ransom & Smoke DZA) [Audio, Lyrics]

Peter Rosenberg - S.R.D (ft. Styles P, Ransom & Smoke DZA) (prod. Buck Dudley)

TV Host, DJ & WWE personality, Peter Rosenberg returns with Buck Dudley-produced “S.R.D” track which features Styles P, Ransom & Smoke DZA. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download the song.

Peter Rosenberg S.r.d
Peter Rosenberg S.r.d

Peter Rosenberg’s teased the release of a new project over the past few years but it was only on Friday when it was unleashed in its entirety. Real Late is an embodiment of Rosenberg’s Sunday night radio show on Hot 97 where he highlights only the rawest, underground rap music. That being said, there’s little mainstream name recognition attached to the project but for the hip-hop heads, it’s a solid body of work that highlights incredible production with talented lyricists.

Styles P, Ransom, and Smoke DZA connect on Rosenberg’s album for the single, “S.R.D.” Buck Dudley cooks up the distorted and atmospheric production that serves as the foundation for the three rappers to flex their lyrical muscle.

Peter Rosenberg – S.R.D (ft. Styles P, Ransom & Smoke DZA) (prod. Buck Dudley)

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[Verse 1: Styles P]
Yeah, I’m cool, but I’m petty as fuck (Ahh)
I’m the type to beat his ass when he said it’s enough (Hahaha)
Roll a J, take a puff, underground but I’m over the top (Over the top)
Enough’s enough now, fuck the pigs, over the slop (I’m over it)
I’m like Stallone with the hat back, over the top (Huh?)
But I don’t arm wrestle, I atom bomb wrestle (Yeah)
I’m a nuke when I’m in the booth, I’m a bronze vessel (I’m a vessel)
Have you seen a [?][0:23]? (Have you?)
I can look in the mirror in the pitch-black dark, see if verses shine through it (Mm)
I can kill an industry, I put my mind to it (Could)
I can look at the sun and say a rhyme to it (Could)
And the moon, too, know who I am, aligned to it (I’m aligned)
Yeah, it’s the ghost of Peter Rosenberg (What up, Pete?)
You get your millimeter if you know the word (Get it)
You better light a joint if you know the time
If you ever seen a Jedi, then you know the signs

[Verse 2: Ransom]
Yeah, but what happens when both our souls align?
A soldier’s prime is often wasted on war, never forget it
There’s no credit for older rappers whose flows decline (That’s a fact)
Niggas walk a tightrope but can never toe the line
I’m so refined that niggas who watch me can never know the time (Woo)
So sublime, my vivid verses console the blind (Yes)
Hot-headed nigga spittin’ the coldest rhymes (Hahaha)
Drop-dead niggas figure they know the crime
Control your mind with torturous imagery, there’s no synergy (Nah)
I cynically destroy all lyrically without sympathy
That’s meant for me (That’s mine), I was placed here to be a messiah
Born in fire, raised in hell like a note that’s raised by Mariah
My vocals came with desire (Let’s go), I know you feel my energy
You think you lost a friend, but in fact you’re gainin’ an enemy
Put my pain in this mentally (Ah), the only way I know to do it (Yeah)
You don’t need to know me, my nigga, just know the music

[Verse 3: Smoke DZA]
This one thing got me trippin’, Amerie
This high level’s not eye-level, you can’t critique (Nah)
Packs and pearls, lemon cherry from Cannatique (Ah)
Kicks from Joe Fresh Goods on release (Really)
Let’s make this quick, I had to go bust a sale
Watch gold mines crumble, niggas fumbled and fell
Check the weight on your own time, it’s too much to scale
Appraisal for the piece worth four years in jail (Right)
Kush god, all hail the real (Uh)
They talk tall tales, hope all is well, for real
The spot is hot, I had to keep off it
Switched the operation up, hit different resources
My people baggin’ up, doggy said he feel nauseous (Uh)
Half-ass too, think he got her trippin’ in the hazmat suit (Right)
Be careful with it, ’cause you really have to
Or it’ll be your last move

[Outro: Shawn Leflar & Tom O’Dell]
#1101-1816 is the item number on this one
And the nice thing about these practice katanas—
*Katana hitting table and breaking*
Oh, oh, that hurt!
Oh, that hurt, big time
A piece of that, just the tip, just got me, O’Dell
Ohh, that got me good (You alright?)
A piece of that tip just got me (Oh my)
Folks right now, we uh, may need emergency surgery in the studio

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