Plu2o Nash – Charli Bmore (ft. Lucki) (Audio, Lyrics)

Plu2o Nash - Charli Bmore (ft. Lucki) (prod. Plu2o Nash)

Plu2o Nash is here with “Charli Bmore” featuring Lucki. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by Plu2o Nash.

Plu2o Nash Charli Bmore
Plu2o Nash Charli Bmore

The Chicago rapper’s frequent collaborator and go-to producer Plu2o Nash blessed fans with a new single “Charli Bmore,” which is available now on all streaming services.

Nash’s instrumental seems tailor-made for Lucki with all his favourite elements present including an ambient top layer grounded by rumbling 808s.

Lucki’s subtle wit and humour is still very much on display as he casually quips things like “my new b*tch, adore her/my old b*tch aborted.”

The two reference Philly rapper Charli Baltimore with the title, who was close to Biggie and was even set to become part of a supergroup called The Commission with him and Jay-Z before his untimely murder. Nash closes out the single with a vocal sample of Charli that is quite on-brand for Lucki: “I watched a lot of things I was really happy about and enthused about fall apart.”

Plu2o Nash – Charli Bmore (ft. Lucki) (prod. Plu2o Nash)


(Nash Effect)
I’m truly the shit, of course i’m not new to this shit dummy
Promethazine [?]
 ay, oh, ay

And my money right
And my truck a sport, SRT [?]
Ball like Monday night
Gazi keep her spoiled
Think i’ma fund her life
My new bitch a dork
My old bitch abort

Nah it ain’t a straight, but the engine roar
Ain’t been out of state, like catch up nigga
Brought my bitch on tour
Rich off Apple Music
High off purple fluid
No codeine no sleep
I keep dreamin’ lucid
And my money right, oh, ay, ay

And my money right
And my truck a sport
Ball like Monday night
Ball like Monday night

My brothas keep it just like me, I don’t even say that just, I don’t even say that just to make them feel good
[?] Dash money AMG
City girl like the group home but you knew that
Promethazine [?]

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