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Popcaan – All I Need (ft. Drake) (Audio, Lyrics)

Popcaan unveils “All I Need” featuring Drake. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download, read the lyrics to the song produced by Noel Cadastre.

Popcaan All I Need

Popcaan All I Need

The OVO x Unruly venture is proving to be rather fruitful, despite initial concerns. Drake and Popcaan have shown each other nothing but love over the years which ultimately resulted in the Unruly Boss’ signing to the OVO label. Just ahead of the Chrismas holidays, Popcaan’s OVO debut Vanquish arrived in all its glory. With no Drake feature in sight, fans ultimately wondered when we’d get them on wax together again.

Popcaan and Drake made up for it with two new songs on the Jamaican singer’s latest offering, FIXTAPE. The pair team up on “All I Need” which initially was teased during a live stream. The R&B-infused track continues to find Popcaan pushing boundaries as he and Drake express their gratitude for the simple things in life — weed & women.

Popcaan – All I Need (ft. Drake) (prod. Noel Cadastre)


[Intro: Popcaan]
Yow, Unruly

[Verse 1: Drake]
Sentimental and your body is righteous
Tight as I want it
Tight as my lips when I lock them in silence
And your cellphone is ringin’ and you’re worried ’bout somethin’
And you’re walkin’ outside on me now
Which side are you on again?
What room does he have you in?
What time do you leave again?
How long do we just stay friends?
What role do I play again?
I can’t even make new friends
I’m here with no move again
I need to know how this ends

[Chorus: Popcaan & Drake]
That’s all I need, and that’s all I need
Weed and girl on me, that’s all I need
Mhmm, that’s all I need, and that’s all I need
High grade weed and girl, that’s all I need (Dem dead)

[Verse 2: Popcaan]
All day flexin’ (Mhmm)
She crown me di best ting (Mhmm)
Yuh body is a blessin’
And yuh know the killy just ah pree when yuh breast swing
Ah-wee, baby, mi love when you ride on me
Roll up yuh tongue pon di ting slowly
Girl, I don’t wanna be here and all lonely (Mhmm)
Put down the iPhone, stop text
Badman ting, Canadian flex
Gyal, mi don’t care ’bout your ex, only ’bout di weed and sex
Gyal me concerned for ’bout your tightness
Concerned ’bout your tightness
Yeah mi concerned ’bout your tightness
It tighter than a vice grip

[Chorus: Popcaan]
That’s all I need
High grade weed and girl, that’s all I need
Dem dead?
Weh dem ah do?
Unruly, OVO
Weh dem ah do?
That’s all I need
High grade weed and girl, that’s all I need
Oh, that’s all I need
High grade weed and girl, that’s all I need

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