Prince – “Born 2 Die” [Audio, Lyrics]

Date 2021-06-03

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American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, Prince unveils a self-produced piece of new music titled “Born 2 Die”. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download the song.

Prince Born 2 Die

Prince Born 2 Die

Ahead of the July 30th release for Prince’s first posthumous album, titled Coming 2 America, the Purple One’s estate drops a new album cut “Born 2 Die.” After the release of the album’s title track back in April of this year, the deceased singer’s estate has followed up with a new fire, yet groovable cut from his vault of unreleased material. Coming 2 America will be the first full length Prince project to be unveiled since the passing of the “Little Red Corvette” singer back in 2016.

The lyrics of the intro are enough to captivate the listener right away. “Here she comes. She’s a bad girl. She gets you high. Born to die, born to die.” From the beginning of the song, the lyrics are playful, yet serious. It’s a reminder of Prince’s cryptic song writing and how his songwriting style garnered him a devoted fan base in the first place.

Prince – Born 2 Die (prod. Prince)


[Intro: Prince]
Here she comes
She’s a bad girl
She gets you high
Born to die, born to die
Born to die, born to die
Born to die, born to die

[Verse 1: Prince]
She sells everything, from A to Z
Anything just to keep her free from the
From the hustle of the streets
She left the church a long time ago
Said they couldn’t teach what they did not know
That’s when she lost her virginity
And now she’s pimpin’ every bottle
From New York to L.A
Ask her why she do them things
She said it’s always been that way
(Always been that way)
Jump back Jack, you might be next if they try to cut mama’s cake
(What the deal, Daddy?)
And ask her what the deal is, this is what she say

[Chorus: Prince]
Born to die, born to die
If you ain’t livin’ right, you know you’re
Born to die, better watch out
Get ya, get ya, so high, so high
Everybody’s getting (So high)
I gotta get my hustle on

[Verse 2: Prince]
She wanders the streets in Oakland
Get down to the ‘Frisco Bay
As far as she’s concerned, crime does pay
Ask her when she’s been from the first day
Once you’ve been on your knees get back to the truth
Who we are, who we go to straight (Who we go to straight)
Ask her what the deal is (What the deal, daddy?)
This is what she’ll say

[Chorus: Prince]
Born to die, born to die
If you ain’t livin’ right, you’re sure to
Born to die, better watch out
Get ya, get ya, so high, so high
Say nothing good happens after midnight (Get ya, get ya)
(So high) Bye, honey

[Bridge: Elisa Fiorillo, Liv Warfield & Shelby J]
So, so high (So high)
So, so high (So)
So, so high (So)
(Get ya, get ya) (So high, so high)
(Get ya, get ya) (So high)
(Get ya, get ya) (So high, so high)

Born to die

[Spoken Outro: Liv Warfield & Shelby J.]
What happened?
Girl, she fell from the third story window
(Born to die)
Yes, oh my God
I think she’s gone
Oh no
I hope she’s all right
Does anybody know what’s happened
(Born to die)
Girl, she fell
She fell

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