Prince HotBoi – 211 (ft. Icewear Vezzo) (Audio, Lyrics)

Prince HotBoi - 211 (ft. Icewear Vezzo)

Prince HotBoi is here with “211” featuring Icewear Vezzo. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song.

Prince Hotboi 211
Prince Hotboi 211

Prince HotBoi is bubbling up out of Chicago right now. Though no project out right now on streaming services, he’s delivered a consistent stream of music in the past few years and clearly gearing up to do some big things. 2019’s “Let Me Find Out” has been bumping and recently unleashed his collaboration with DJ Milticket called, “6 For 6.” Now, he’s back with his latest offering, “211” ft. Icewear Vezzo. The two rappers deliver chilling Midwestern flows on this one, delivering street-centric bars over the boisterous bass.

“It was cool, and actually one of my first challenges musically. All I kept saying was, ‘I can’t let Vezz out rap me I gotta keep up.’ It was a dope experience and we had good chemistry in studio on a DJ Milticket beat Detroit style with bangin 808’s,” Prince HotBoi said about the song in a statement.

Prince HotBoi – 211 (ft. Icewear Vezzo)


A ninja rapping tryna get straight
My city acting badd everybody up that 10k
Fuh Ninjas yea they been hating

Back dooring they dawgs ain’t the new trend these ninjas been snaking
I’m the truth plus I been patient
Hit a couple rap chicks they talking like his stick str8
U want a verse pay me in some weight
I’m still a street ninja I be hustling from like ten to 8

Get a ninja whacked for 10k
Ion drink no Duece or no wock bih I sip 8s
I been hustling since 6th grade
Jumped in this shh made 200 off a mixtape
They just got it but we been straight
I just pulled up on the 6 made a 10 off a brick play
Yea I got 40s in the big face & went in coped a bother Rollie full of water like a fish tank

Shh it’s robbing season I’m in the hole Vezz hit the line say he got one on the floor
Like where the pounds!! Where the stash!! Pus-see where the dope!!
He moving too slow so fuh it he had to go

Got a line in Kentucky back to the O
Fuh around & got a plug in the country bih I’m the goat
Pole tucked got 40 tucked in the coat
Real ninja posted up I got shooters ready to go

Catch me in the D tryna get a plug by the boarder
If I ever go broke I’m robbing in that order
Never sold dope C.A’s was my formula
If the lick make sense than f it I’m on it

(Yea) off the lean but f it I’m rolling
If I ever up pole We bussing I’m not trolling
Watch shh like a patek it got COVID
I’ll shoot this Bih till the glock is unloaded

Off back I rock with Vezz shid we both bang C’s
He a crip I’m one of Micks
Robbing how a gangsta eat
He good in the raq like I’m good in the D
Switches on them glocks knock a ninja off his feet
Ya dawg dead cuz he tweaked
Like Gucci I’m a rapper but leave u dead in the streets
To F&Ns from 38s pus-see I’m elite
I been doing hits used to pull up on my feet (Like)
Aw this Ninja playing like it’s sweet
Standing over his aye leave em jumping like this beat
I’m thirsty for a M my dawg thirsty for a B
He used to honor my pops now that ninja honor me!

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