Ransom – Unexplainable (Audio, Lyrics)

Ransom - Unexplainable (prod. Statik Selektah)

Throwback to ’s “” track. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by .

Ransom Unexplainable
Ransom Unexplainable

Ransom – Unexplainable (prod. Statik Selektah)

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[Verse: 1]
Wet dreams of livin a lavish life
Duckin them parasites
Treat every track like a battered wife when I’m mad at life
Lyrical mercenary, every verse is deadly
I’m cursin every person with every version when I grab the mic
Stadium overloaded
I pray to go toe to toe with, there’s no opponent
My flow the coldest, send no condolence
Me and Statik connect to get massive respect
Reminiscing on Bundles
Now I’m humble gettin Stacks in the flesh
Rest in peaces gettin thrown aside, when you was born to die
I was raised to get stoned and high and make the corner cry
It’s no surprise, we Presidential and bonified
So many niggas in Heaven, it’s like we own the sky

[Verse: 2]
Lead vocalist with the potentest
Verses to get you open with, used to be havin’ coke to flip
Fallin’ deep into hopelessness
But now my focus is, poker face with the poker chips
The soul eclipse every time you hearin this soldier spit
It’s pure adrenaline
Army suites with my Timberlands
Shoot you dead in ya hood now ya homies callin me Zimmerman
I ain’t never been innocent
I’m gettin rid of these phony niggas and middle men
Tryna get all my Benjamin’s
Won’t be seen in that pen again
I seen some friends that never will be my friend again
So I picked up my pen again
The stadium’s packed
Get in where you fit in my nigga
I’m on the road to the riches
Tryna get it my nigga

[Verse: 3]
Visually stunning, women be cummin
I’m lyrically cunning
Physically punish these niggas who be thinkin’ they want it
You feel my hunger, cause it’s deep in the pits in my stomach
Think you the first but if you thinkin you did it I done it
You can’t restrain it, control it or try tame it
The worst nightmare is the fear of me dying nameless
Fuck all these niggas and bitches who try and claim it
I’m just a legend my nigga you can’t explain it

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