Redman – Hip-Hop 2020 (ft. Mr. Cream & Mr. Green) (Audio, Lyrics)

Redman - Hip-Hop 2020 (ft. Mr. Cream & Mr. Green) (prod. Mr. Green)

Redman unveils “Hip-Hop 2020” featuring Mr. Cream & Mr. Green. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download the Mr. Green-produced song.

Redman Hip Hop 2020
Redman Hip Hop 2020

There’s no debating that Redman is a bonafide hip-hop legend, one who likely deserves more flowers than he tends to receive. Boasting an incredible discography to his name, Reggie Noble is set to keep the cycle going with Muddy Waters 2, though he has yet to fully commit to a release date. While we wait, Redman has connected with producer Mr. Green and longtime collaborator Mr. Cream — a lineup that sounds like Reservoir Dogs characters — to drop off a new single “Hip-Hop 2020.”

LA scholar of a bygone era, Reggie Noble’s has never been one to take his journey for granted, reflecting on his position with a confident air. “Grab my guns, mask, foot on the gas/trash rappers, they get thrown in glad bags,” he spits. “I’m ready for war, even Demi give me more / I like De La and Tribe, I’m on a world tour.” But like many of his peers have voiced before him, Redman has his thoughts about the current state of the game. Taking a moment to address Nas’ famous hip-hop eulogy back in 2006, Redman offers an addendum: “hip-hop wasn’t dead, it just took a wrong turn.”


Redman – Hip-Hop 2020 (ft. Mr. Cream & Mr. Green) (prod. Mr. Green)

Quotable Lyrics

Grab my guns mask foot on the gas
Trash rappers they get thrown in glad bags
I’m ready for war even Demi give me more
I like De La and Tribe I’m on a world tourrr

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