Rexxie releases the new “Gazo” song with MohBad, Hotkid, CDQ

Date 2023-07-15

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Experience the Explosive Collaboration in Rexxie’s ‘Gazo’ featuring MohBad, Hotkid, CDQ (produced by Rexxie, Yo X). Get Ready for an Energetic Ride of Verses and Beats. Stream Now!

Rexxie, the talented producer and artist, has released an exhilarating track titled “Gazo,” featuring MohBad, Hotkid, and CDQ. Produced by Rexxie and Yo X, this song is a high-energy collaboration that showcases the unique talents of each artist.

“Gazo” is a vibrant and energetic track that fuses elements of Afrobeat and street-hop. Rexxie’s skillful production sets the stage for MohBad, Hotkid, and CDQ to deliver captivating verses filled with witty wordplay and infectious flows.

The production by Rexxie and Yo X is characterized by its infectious beats, pulsating rhythms, and catchy melodies. The blend of traditional African sounds and contemporary production techniques creates a dynamic and captivating sound that will get listeners moving.

MohBad, Hotkid, and CDQ’s verses in “Gazo” showcase their individual artistry and lyrical prowess. Each artist brings their unique style and delivery to the track, complementing each other’s performances and adding depth to the overall song.

“Gazo” is a testament to Rexxie’s talent as a producer and his ability to curate collaborations that bring out the best in each artist. The track exemplifies his ability to create infectious beats that resonate with listeners and keep them engaged.

Fans of Afrobeat and street-hop will undoubtedly appreciate the energetic vibes and infectious hooks in “Gazo.” The track embodies the vibrant and lively nature of Nigerian music and highlights the versatility of the artists involved.

Listeners can immerse themselves in the infectious rhythms and captivating verses of “Gazo” by streaming it on their preferred platforms. The collaboration between Rexxie, MohBad, Hotkid, and CDQ showcases their collective talent and their commitment to delivering high-quality music.

Be sure to listen to “Gazo” by Rexxie featuring MohBad, Hotkid, and CDQ and experience the electrifying energy and infectious vibes that they bring to the track. It is a testament to their artistry and further solidifies their positions as rising stars in the Nigerian music scene.

Rexxie – Gazo (ft. MohBad, Hotkid, CDQ) (prod. Rexxie, Yo X)

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14 July 2023
1 Song, 3 minutes

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