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Rico Nasty – Intrusive (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Rico Nasty premieres the music video for the “Intrusive” song, co-produced by Ben10k & Danes Blood. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Rico Nasty Intrusive

Rico Nasty Intrusive

Washington D.C. born rapper Rico Nasty is back at it again as she releases new single “Intrusive.” Produced by Ben10K, the song is supposed to take listeners through Nasty’s mind when enduring the hardships of social media, criticism, and mental health. This release follows her song “Vaderz” featuring Bktherula, her first song of the new year.

The song is accompanied by a music video produced by none other than Rico Nasty herself. Starting off with “This music video was made with zero to no budget. Zero f**ks and zero expectations,” displayed across the screen, fans are able to get a sneak peek into how the music video came about. Filled with odd filters and scenes, many viewers have commented on the originality and unique vision that comes naturally to Nasty. The constant chaos and volume changes seem to be an ode to the ever-changing lifestyle lived by the artist.

Recently, the rapper has been seen performing around the country as she was seen at The Smoker ‘s Club Fest in San Bernardino, California on April 30. Before singing alongside Doja Cat at this past Coachella where they wowed the audience with their 2019 hit “Tia Tamera,” the star shared the stage with Avril Lavigne on her 25th birthday for their song “Modern Icons.”

Not finishing there, Nasty has a busy schedule as fans can watch her perform at several concerts and venues such as Kehlani ‘s “Blue Water Road” tour, the Wireless Festival in London (July 1), Lollapalooza in Stockholm (July 2), Woo HAH! X Rolling Loud in Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands (July 3), along with many more.

Rico Nasty – Intrusive (prod. Ben10k & Danes Blood)

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[Verse 1]
I am nonchalant to the bullshit (Yeah)
Yes, all my thoughts are intrusive
So don’t make me do it (Do it)
Head’s roll, bodies rock
Getting right, new body from the body shop
Came back to kill you, get your body chopped
We took some shrooms and went out to a party (Party)
Had to calm the trip so I took a bit of Molly (Molly)
Eyes blessid, throat cut
Skinny bitch, no butt
I’m only here to smoke more blunts!
And spit on racist cunts
Mom, if you hear this I’m sorry
I like putting on my makeup, ready to slash throats
Chokin’ bitches out with spiked chains and rope
She said, “Rico, what do I do?,” I said, “UwU”
Oh, I wade in perfume that good dope
You can get head like a Luci and get smoked
Black, punk, rock star, b****
Oh my God

You bitches suck
We interrupt this broadcast
That’s it! You bitches suck

[Verse 2]
When I speak, I give ’em gems
Cut him off, I took his limbs
Peanut butter seats in a new BM
Told her “Fuck off, bitch, we cannot be friends”
When it come to a man (Ew), I could never depend
Bitch, go drown I’m jumping in the deep end, I ain’t see shit
I’m your favorite rapper, favorite rapper, know you peeped it
You can keep your compliments, my confidence don’t need it
Took my flow, and used it, bro, you might as well just keep it

You bitches suck
We interrupt this broadcast
That’s it! You bitches suck

That’s it

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