RJ Payne – “Blood Everywhere” (ft. Redman) [Audio]

Date 2021-06-18

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Musical artiste, RJ Payne is here with “Blood Everywhere” featuring Redman. Read the lyrics, stream, buy the song.

Rj Payne Redman

Rj Payne Redman

As one might expect given Payne’s Leatherface alter-ego, there’s a dark and grimy aesthetic to be found throughout; in that sense, it’s similar to the visuals of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, easily one of the rawest horror flicks ever made. Following his standout work on Lloyd Banks’ COTI, Cartune keeps it moving behind the boards while Redman kicks things off with the hook. Though Reggie is admittedly used sparingly — it would have been nice to hear him bodying the spooky beat — RJ Payne more than makes up for it with a savage verse, luring you deeper into his decrepit mansion before hanging your body on the meathook.

RJ Payne – Blood Everywhere (ft. Redman)


Blicka to your head, click until your dead
These bullets will set you free, now you’re Jigga with the dreads
Every scripture’s a motion picture, you can vision what I said
If I speak of a threesome you can see the bitches in the bed

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