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Royce Da 5’9″ comes for Lupe Fiasco on “Silence Of The Lambda” [+Lyrics]

Royce Da 5’9″ takes lyrical jabs at Lupe Fiasco in “Silence Of The Lambda” produced by 6 July. Listen, stream, watch the lyric video for the song.

Royce Da 5'9 Silence Of The Lambda

Royce Da 5’9 Silence Of The Lambda

Though Royce Da 5’9″ and Lupe Fiasco previously hosted a podcast together, it would appear that such arrangements are more volatile than once believed. The two elite lyricists have since found themselves embroiled in a heated back-and-forth over lyrical superiority, and last night, both emcees decided to take it to the booth.

Royce has since come through with “Silence Of The Lamba,” a lengthy six-minute salvo designed with a singular purpose: to assert undeniable dominance over his rival. Over a slow-burning, soulful instrumental from longtime Nickle beatmaker Carlos “Six July” Broady, Royce proceeds to put on an absolute clinic, delivering more hard-hitting bars in one song than some artists fit into a single album. While he doesn’t quite hit Lupe with the same ferocity he once gunned for D12 or Mistah Fab, Royce skillfully raises the stakes with enough sly jabs to leave a mark.

Lyric Video


Let the beat play, Broady

[Verse 1]
Uh, solidarity like that muscle we refuse to flex
That synergy that these niggas just refuse to tap into
In our disparity, match our hustle, we exude success
Attack us mentally, that’s that energy kings get trapped into
Therefore I’m done promoting the dumb shit
I’ll put a hole in your son while he’s holding your Sun Chips
While you’re over there with a chip on your shoulder
Like you Hova or some shit
Your flow is redundant, I’ll separate your body from soul
Now your body is cold, spiraling out of control
Now you’re over there, body odor is pungent
For coming out of your body over assumptions
Look at all this passive aggressive pussying
All the past neglectful positions these pussies put me in
We them cool niggas bringin’ food, liquor and fullies In
They do all the yelling and accuse Nickel of bullying
Cruelty to MCs Is intellectual vibrato
Run up full speed, hit niggas with the message like Wallo
I bleed mint leaf
I grieve mentally in sync with Ne-Yo and Stevie’s sensory
I squeeze until the Eagle’s completely empty
I’m 3 Dimen-try, now feed me MCs, I’m greed and envy
Carlito, watch me go repo y’all sweetie’s Bentley
I skid mark through these thoughts with a narc’s commit larceny
I live hardly, to incarcerate me is to kill softly
Either/or, it’s me or it’s Bill Cosby
They tryna kill a Lord online premature as Biz Markie
Can’t expect you to like me more than you love rap beefin’
You respect white people more than you love black people
Shit, I let you waste where the apes ate
I SMH, I let you nay-say, y’all legends ain’t safe
I desecrate Flex, I decorate Sway
I estimate a hundred left, I let the Kay slay
I don’t carry suitcases on big runs to malls deep
I don’t carry big guns to a small beef
I don’t really care what Mickey Factz has to say, add Lupe
That’s touche, I don’t care for big gums and small teeth
You know the gold all froze if I’ma purchase bling
Just so you know, not a soul walkin’ the Earth this mean
Bow before the king, kiss the “GOAT All Purpose” ring
While the God poses like a Bow/Soulja “Verzuz” meme
Y’all with all the jokes, laugh hard but y’all ridiculous
I’m with all the smoke, Matt Barnes, Sha’Carri Richardson
Proving rap pays through the Wraith’s cache
I’m the dude they threw the case at like 8-track tapes
Blew eight stacks at Peter Luger’s ’til it’s your faith at stake
Who waves at the Louis haters through the new Maybach drapes
We gon’ do this for Kanye, if you can relate, that’s Drake
We come shootin’ for Conway, Ruger your face back straight
A hundred and seventy on the dash
All the felonies and the demonic acts
With devils like Vlad always selling me all of the trauma back
I speak to cabarets as a deviation Of drama
Pastors in wave caps as a recreation of honor
Glad to appreciate black abbreviations of genres
Battle me A$AP, that’s for PDA with Rihanna
These male betas with crying attitudes, I ain’t mad at you
My kind of fabric is well tailored to a Byron Allen suit

You are, you are a superstar, a superstar

[Verse 2]
But Usually I’m Choosing Peace Or Heaven Or Taxstone
From Using Celery Ranch To Moving Into A New Elegant Ranch Home
A True MC, Y’all Doing Them Regular Degular Dance Songs
You Losin’ Your Teeth, Moving Like Using Kevin Durant Comb
We Sheddin’ Light Whenever The Mic And Drums Get Blacked On
The Bed Of Knives, The Never Polite
And Much Too Young Relaxed On
Here Comes The Thundercats Song
Karate Beef, Miyagi, Keep It Completely Boxer Brief
Don’t Da-dun Da-dun Get Waxed On
And That’s The Ritz I’m Staying Tonight
For Writing The Scripts That Last Long
I Like My Crackers Dead And White
Just Like Them Shits That Shaq Owns
Call Me Big Cialis, If She Stalk Then Switch My Address
Give Viagara Dick, Diagonal, Lick Her Walls And It’s Niagara
This Androgynous Fly Actress I’m Involved With Is My Astra
Lick My Ass And If Y’all Askin’ If I’m Gasping It’s My Asthma
Y’all Listenin’ To The Master Whose Been Talking To The Masses
Whos Been Listening To Thy Master Through This Targeted Diaspora
Y’all Get Awards To Get In Wars, I Spit Water Dilution
I’m Ballin, I Hit Record, I’m Gettin’ Courted By Lucian
The Lord Abuses The Blacker Culture With Actors Like Rapaport
They Rap Your Chorus To Distract You Boys Just To Lower The Nooses
The More Important The News Is
More Distorted The Views Is, Vax All, They Employ Lou To Exploit The Movement
To Know It’s Cops Killing Black, God Is A Mortal Nuisance
Hole In Your Top, That’s The Last Straw Like Quarter Juices
The More Exclusive Dior Or Gucci Imported Boosters
It’s More Juvies And 42s That The Court Accuses
I Wish Nick Cannon The Testicular Fortitude To 40 New Step Children To Inject Him With The Cure To Lupus
Pain Ain’t Even Frequent, Just Evil Teasing The Godly
It Ain’t Even Inside Me, It’s Just Weakness Leaving The Body, I Flip My Heritage, Redefined It To Die In Jail
Buy And Sell For My Clientele But Without The Mayans Help
Ryan, Big Alliances, Click Of Lions That’s Eyein’ Elk
Built The Giant Pyramids In Alignment With Orion’s Belt
Well, You Ain’t Got To Lie You A Hostile Guy
Like You About To Ride With New Entourage But You Not Too Wise
You Been Ostracized, You Used To Rock With Nas, You Was Hot July But Look At You Now, You Just Afu-ra
Loaded Lux Said If We Battle Then He Gon’ Sit With Lu’
I Told Him You’re Dead If We Battled Now Who Gon’ Sit With You?
I’m The Great MC All The Ladies See, Y’all The Latency
In HD And 1080p And This Shit For Publicity
You And Mick Couldn’t Mix Your Written And Spit Good As A Pic Of Me
Stop It Or Sit With The Doc Or Quit With The Hickory Dickory
This Oscar De La Renta Cloth Is On A Kunta Kinte
Tutor For The School Of Pen Play
Offering A Fool The Template
It’s Hard To Differentiate, O Dog Or Who Larenz Tate
Judas From Ingrate, Who The Students From Who The Sensei
The Car The Mascot Far As Moving Packs On A Back Block
Nobody Argue With Shaq While Rooting Dikembe
Take Your Momma Out On A Date At The Barclay’s
Like I’m Drake On The Parquet, call the Uber soon as the rent paid
When It’s The Last Shot With A Second Left, The Second Bests And RJs Need To Get Used To Moving With MJ
Everybody Bronnin’ And Allen Iverson Cornrows
Heavy Grindin’ On Every Island Outta The Congos
I Have Not Encountered Violent Exchange Through A Convo
So I Don’t Holler I Do The Bodies, Janes And John Does
We Can Kick It, Be Specific, Or Meet With My Timberland Sole
Y’all Timid And Bold, Y’all Feminine Trolls Pretending It’s Smoke
Got Bitches Sniffin’ Armenian Blow, I’m Benny, I’m Kenny And Cole
I’m Bimmy And Po, I’ll Hit My Enemy And Chalk Any Opposed
If Umi Said You Really The GOAT, who Tryna Hit Em The Mos’
I’m Hollering That We Outside Like My Nigga King Los
I Hardly Heart You Be Outside Unless Y’all Be Whispering Low
We Back Outside, Quit Lying Hoe, You Sound Like Remy And Joe
No, Watch The Reactions Of Your Kids
Masculinity Ain’t Whats Toxic, The Absence Of It Is
I’m Jill Scott Playin’ Gil Scott Heron
With Preem, H.E.R. And D’Angelo, queen Serving Me Cantaloupe
Hammock Low, swerve Lambs On Atlanta Roads
Earl Animal Manigault, Furs Lamb Or The Nana Goat
The Pearl Handle Where Ammo Go
Answer War With Your Girl Nana Or Aunt Ol Go
Cancel Cultures Annual, Santa Po Is The Anecdote
Cancer Don’t Take For Granted No Family Though
The Streets Won’t Hand Us No Manual So We Go Hansel Emannuel
You Forgot The Dude Who Was About The Chi Whose was Locked Inside
Without Him You’d Be Dead, Probably Dread Standing Beside You
Fed Salmon And Lied To, While The Red Camera Disguise You
You Violent But Where Was That For The Craig Kallmans And Kaisers
9 Minute Style About Me, I Had To Make Fun Of Bro
I Got Plently Problems, My Nigga, Rappin’ Ain’t One Of Those
Rappin Ain’t One Of Those…

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