SAINt JHN – Ransom (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

SAINt JHN - Ransom (prod. F a l l e n)

Listen, Stream, buy, mp3 download, read the lyrics and watch the video to “Ransom” by SAINt JHN. The song was produced by F a l l e n.

Saint Jhn Ransom
Saint Jhn Ransom

SAINt JHN has dropped off an accompanying music video for his newest single, “Ransom.” Similar to the music video for “Wedding Day,” JHN’s newest visual is a one-take shot with a stunning backdrop. The imposing silhouette of the rapper/producer flows across the visual, while his red beach shorts and multi-colored footwear create contrast against the blue tints.

The artist’s last full-length project dates back to August 2019 with Ghetto Lenny’s Love Songs. “Collection One is a guy that walked into a bar with his blue mink and there’s a girl sitting at the bar. She saw me walk in to order her a drink, paid for it and left,” SAINt JHN shared in an interview with HYPEBEAST. “I never introduced myself nor asked for her name. She got the impression but no information about me. Ghetto Lenny’s Love Songs is where I come back to introduce myself. It’s a random night and the same girl at the bar. But I left her hoping for something and I came back to tell her a little about myself. That’s Ghetto Lenny’s Love Song.”

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Holidays in California, quite strange
The height change but the sight same
I’m just adjustin’ to the price change
The truth is I’m just in a better price range
The Saint Laurents at the dice game
That’s just fly talk, that’s just sky slang
I’m just ballin’, I’m ballin, I’m really ballin’
Strip club like I’m tryna win a Heisman
The applause first, then the spite came
Tryna kill my pain in the Sprite can
The top off in a strange way, I’m tryna fight fame
Am I still sharin’ my location with you?
Feels like I’m on probation with you
Too hard to have a rotation with you
I love you on occasion but you
Fuck it up way too much
Fuck it up way too much
You like to fight too much
You like to play too rough
I like when you’re short skirt and your heels
And you’re not in your feels
I cover the bills
Oh, what a thrill, what a thrill
If you call and I don’t reply
And you text and I just don’t answer
It don’t mean that I changed my mind
It just means that I don’t pay ransom
You walk out and you don’t say bye
And I don’t wanna speak out of anger
I won’t be held for ransom
I’m too handsome

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