Sarkodie features Oxlade on new “Non Living Thing” piece [+Lyrics]

Date 2021-07-31

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Sarkodie off His new projecct unveils DJ Coublon-produced “Non Living Thing” featuring Oxlade. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the song.

Sarkodie Non Living Thing

Sarkodie Non Living Thing

Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie teams up with Talented Nigerian Afro-Pop singer, Oxlade on the song titled “Non Living Thing“.

The single which was produced by DJ coublon is off his just-released “No Pressure” album.

“No Pressure” album features Giggs, Wale, Vic Mensa, Cassper Nyovest, Kwesi Arthur, Medikal, DarkoVibes, Benerl, Harmonize, Oxlade and MOGmusic.

Sarkodie – Non Living Thing (ft. Oxlade) (prod. DJ Coublon)


[Intro: Oxlade]
Why you do me so
Ohemaa, why you do me so
I no know wetin do you why you do me so
Ohemaa, why you do me so

[Verse 1: Sarkodie]
I figa say we doing this together
I thought we were gonna be forever
Na me ho nyɛ but I was tryna make it better
Sikasem na ɛma Alhaji bi bɛ fa me dɔfo Stella
I guess I didn’t get the memo
Me nim sɛ sei nɛbɛba anka yɛ signi M-O
You always wanna make me feel like me’nyɛ bɛɛma o
Me shia wo ansana me recordi me first demo
2007 na me falli ma wo, kae wotirim
Ɛno nti diɛ ɛkoso nyinaa is like a dream
Wo bɛ yɛ bibi kraa this is too extreme
Ɛnyom wei, guess how many people go stream
Cause a lot of niggas know exactly what I’m talking ‘bout
Mmaa bɛ cheati but bɛɛma it’s not allowed
I swear to God sɛ bɛɛma bia was born faithful until the first female suddenly broke a vow

[Hook: Oxlade]
I for like make you come be my baby
But you don follow Alhaji go Kano
I for like you make you be my honey
But you go say I no fi’ afford your bills yaro
Omo, I don give up, for your loving
Because without you I no sabi love o
I don give up on wanting your body
I don’t know what I am again
I’m a non living thing, no no
I’m a non living thing, without you
I’m a non living thing, baby
I’m a non living thing

[Verse 2: Sarkodie]
Beginning I thought I was trippin’
But na me nim sɛ the time is ticking
And I could see that something was missing
Me ma wo liberty I never kept you in the kitchen
‘Cause, super woman and I believe in your vision
Kapri nni me ho but I was wishing
Sɛ manya bi ‘cause when I talk you no dey listen
Me ne bɛɛma but you took over position
Sakeof Alhaji dey pay na menso agya menni block
Wei mo nyinaa besi dɛn na boys nnyɛ fraud
Ɛba no tackle tackle kra mɛ pushi drug
Sika yɛ sika, legitimate anaa sɛ blood
Na me fi sɛ we go ride until the end
Nanso all along you dey pretend
Damn, I guess I lost a friend
Thought I got it figured, there’s a lot I need to learn

[Bridge: Oxlade]
Ohemaa, why you do me so
I no know wetin do you why you do me so
Ohemaa, why you do me so
Omo e dey pain me, e be like say my heart don dey fail me
I dey feel it deep deep for my kidney
E dey chook me needle for my feni
E dey pain me o for my brain
I no fit do this thing, feni keni
I fit lost in my [?]

[Hook: Oxlade]
I don’t know what I am again
I’m a non living thing, no no
No no no no
I don’t know what I am again
I don’t know what I am to do again to know sey you be my love

[Outro: Oxlade]
E wa yemi
Ko ma yemi
Full my peni babe oh
E ko ma yemi
I’m a non living

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