ScHoolboy Q – Soccer Dad (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2022-04-06

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Listen to ScHoolboy Q’s “Soccer Dad” song produced by DJ Fu, Skhye Hutch & Tae Beast. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy, mp3 download.

Schoolboy Q Soccer Dad

Schoolboy Q Soccer Dad

It has been some time since we have received a ScHoolboy Q single where he is placed as the lead artist. The California rapper hasn’t been slinging out releases like his peers, and although we’ve heard Q on a few records here and there, he hasn’t taken center stage since 2019. It was then that Q shared his acclaimed album CrasH Talk, and with the pandemic and quarantine affecting us all, it looks as if the Top Dawg hitmaker decided to take his time before returning with a solo banger.

Aside from Pusha Tdropping his “Neck & Wrist” track featuring Jay-Z and Pharrell, Q has also added his name to the mid-week releases with his new joint, “Soccer Dad.” Fans have been anticipating ScHoolboy Q’s forthcoming album, especially after the rapper previewed a few tracks back in August. There has yet to be an official announcement regarding when we can expect that project, but rest assured we’ll keep you updated as news unfolds.

ScHoolboy Q – Soccer Dad (prod. DJ Fu, Skhye Hutch & Tae Beast)


Damn, nigga, damn, oh
Pssht, yeah, uh
Damn, nigga, damn (Damn, damn)
Yo, uh

[Verse 1]
Now here we go again, before I had a fam’
Was mappin’ out everything I wanted, earned what I planned
You pussy niggas know about my body, caught my second wind
Quit actin’ like me and my crew of niggas ain’t bring the rappers in
Quit actin’ like the shit you said wouldn’t work, like we ain’t make it win
Quit actin’ like you know me, little nigga, we was never friends
My knuckle game, my flip-flop too crazy, I am really him
The soccer dad, my real life too wavy, while I cheer the stands
You little rappers go and wipe your mouth and go pull up your pants, hm

Damn, nigga, damn, get up off my dick
Damn, nigga, damn, get up off my nutsack
Damn, nigga, damn, get up off my dick
Damn, nigga, damn, get up off my nutsack
Damn, nigga, damn, get up off my dick
Damn, nigga, damn

[Verse 2]
Groovy ass, no face killer that love to smile
They wonder how I mind my business and still around
I got half a ticket parked out crooked, they wonder how
‘Cause the Ms on me match my age, my nigga, wow
I am he, no face killer, and you’s a clown
You can paint it good, but truth be told, it’s watered down
Had a microphone, styles I flavored, and just a couch
Took it platinum twenty plus times, nigga, I’m not a slouch
Never had a problem with niggas I couldn’t twist up
The big homie, no big homies to politic from
The blueprint of keepin’ it low and stackin’ ya’ chips up
We buckled down, made shit happen, they didn’t pick us
Death, disappointment and struggles ain’t make my back ache
Pops never showed up, I thank him, it made my life great
The only child raised by women, I had to turn ape
The mental of a Black man hustle, I move at God’s pace
Real life pain what I’m talkin’, so I don’t play rap
The shit you enjoy what I’m kickin’, I’m goin’ through that
The lame niggas tell us who cool now, where they do that?
Tears on my collar, I’m perfect, it turned a new leaf
Black nigga, bomb ass babies, I took a new leap
Slaughtered every goal that I put out and got a new reach
Deuce rap, G-Scrap, tootle-tootle and they do it through me, uh

Get up off my dick
Damn, nigga, damn (Damn, damn)
Damn, nigga, damn (Bounce)
Damn, nigga, damn (Damn, damn)
Damn, nigga, damn (Bounce)
Damn, nigga, damn (Damn, damn)
Damn, nigga, damn (Bounce)
Damn, nigga, damn
Damn, nigga, damn
Damn, nigga, damn

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