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Mpmania Mix 39

Serial Killers – S.O.S. (Audio)

Serial Killers, Xzibit, B-Real, and Demrick return with “S.O.S.”. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download the song.

Serial Killers S.o.s.

Serial Killers S.o.s.

The Serial Killers supergroup, which features Xzibit, B-Real, and Demrick, is gearing up to release their upcoming album Summer Of Sam on October 16th. Set to feature appearances from Busta Rhymes, DJ Quik, Busta Rhymes, Focus, Rick Rock, and more the trifecta has officially unveiled the project’s lead single and title track “S.O.S.” Though the album title and artwork might suggest something of a spookier nature, the track actually focuses on the ongoing societal divide currently plaguing America, which is arguably as spooky as any supernatural threat.

Over a melancholic piano instrumental, Xzibit sets it off with some reflective lyricism. “Education of self, generational wealth, stimulus check on the first, shit will be gone by the twelfth,” he raps. “Middle class is wiped out, America shut down / no NBA buckets, ain’t no throwing no touchdowns.” B-Real picks up where he left off, his cynicism bleeding through as he paints pictures. “People divided not even the virus could unite us,” he raps. “Pulled us apart, it’s the art of war meant to divide us.” Last but not least is Demrick, his urgent flow appropriate for the darker subject matter. “Take a look at what they cookin’ in the devil’s kitchen,” he warns. “That ain’t chicken that’s a bunch of people dead and missin’.”

Serial Killers – S.O.S.


People divided not even the virus could unite us
Pulled us apart, it’s the art of war meant to divide us
Clearance the highest for the chosen few, overview
If they don’t give a fuck about no soul, it’s overdue

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