Shotta Spence – “Don’t Fold” [Audio, Lyrics, Video]

Date 2021-06-10

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Here is the visual for “DON’T FOLD” by Musical act, Shotta Spence. The song was produced by Kakuyon. Watch the video, listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download the song.

Shotta Spence Don't Fold

Shotta Spence Don’t Fold

Shotta Spence made a mark earlier this year with his single, “Young & Humble” which hailed production from Mike Will-Made It and Chopsquad DJ. The single started making a massive buzz but now, he’s returned with an uplifting follow-up to set the tone for the summer. Spence shared “Don’t Fold” over the weekend, a record emphasizing the importance of loyalty. The single was released alongside a new set of visuals which include footage of Spence at several protests last year.

“The song is about keeping the loyalty and unity strong between my family and friends. In the video you can see the people I grew up with in Franklin Township NJ and the synergy that Asians, Blacks and all cultures have there,” he said. “I feel like people need to see that diverse communities do exist and people of different backgrounds can build things of value together.”

Shotta Spence – Don’t Fold (prod. Kakuyon)


Militant im militant
For ya love im killin shit
They gon call me villainous
I’ll pay that price
In a sense im innocent
Cus to my kin im heaven-sent
So i dont wish no i dont wish they stayed on my side
Long as we got us i dont need no one else
Dont need no one else
And no one in this world should change how you look at us
Dont wanna end up like the rest of them, rest of them
Losing faith finding they self wondering what they coulda been
And i been crossed before so its hard for me to trust again
Why can’t i stop this paranoia

Don’t fold, don’t fold on me
Don’t change up your loyalty

Limitless im limitless
Dont know what a cieling is
Witnesses just witnesses
Theres only 1 judge in the end
Wickedness oh wickedness
They wan see me finished with
But we dont fold no we dont bend
No not on this side
Badmind people we nuh fraid ah dem, fraid ah dem
No hatred in my heart i’ll pray for them, Pray for them
Still I can’t stop this paranoia
Cus realness ain’t the same to everyone

Dont fold, dont fold on me
Don’t change up, your loyalty

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