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Shyne Grady – Letter 2 Lucci (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Shyne Grady finally unveils the music video to his “Letter 2 Lucci” song. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download, read the lyrics.

Shyne Grady Letter 2 Lucci

Shyne Grady Letter 2 Lucci

You may not be familiar with Shyne Grady yet, but he’s planning to change that this week. The ATL native is new to rapping, but not new to the industry. Shyne Grady first made a foray into music industry when he linked up with YFN Lucci back in 2016 through a mutual friend. Grady would go on to become YFN’s cameraman during this period of time. At the same time he was helping Lucci on the video side, there was an arrest warrant out for him in Atlanta. By the time summer rolled around, the police caught up with Grady, and he was put behind bars on gun charges, doing a three year bid.

During his time in prison, he began writing raps. He kept in communication with YFN Lucci as well, but he didn’t reveal that he had started writing, saying he wanted to wait until he was out to properly present it to him. When he got home, he told Lucci about his desire to start rapping, and it seemed Lucci gave his full approval at the time.

He tells us exclusively, “And it seem real genuine so of course I expected certain shit to happen. Hell I even wrote a song for em just to pay respect and homage considering the fact he did change my life at the moment. And Lucci was still active wit me through out my bid I can honestly say but I never told em I was writing. I [was] waiting to get home and present it to em…Amongst it was a lot of stagnation. I ended up finding myself not recording and giving out bars to the point I realized like man this nigga bullshittin.”

Grady continues, “I just thought niggas a believe in me the way I believe in them. Everytime I had to do some I did it no matter what it was. Just cause I’m passionate about my dreams and circles. If I you say you wit me I’m wit you. But the energy I collected from the situation didn’t sit well wit me. A lot of stagnating. Nigga tell me they believe in me but from what I see. Im ending up giving out mo bars that I put on paper. I always knew I can be anything but some niggas only want you to be BE….. and I ain’t fuckin wit that.”

Today, Shyne Grady is addressing the situation with YFN Lucci head-on, releasing a track he’s titled “Letter 2 Lucci.” The song comes across as heartfelt, as he details his relationship with YFN Lucci and how the situation has evolved to this point, from the revelation that he wants to rap to present-day. The rapper is expected to follow up this letter with a proper diss track though, so stay tuned for that.

Shyne Grady – Letter 2 Lucci

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[Verse 1]
And this right here was destined for me
Yo, Lucci, I wrote a letter (Mmm)
Took a lotta thinking and confidence just to tell you
That I’m rapping now
And I really want you to hear it
Kinda nervous, thinking you’ll tell me “Focus on filming”
But I really think I can do it
I have been bored man (Bored man)
If you help me pursue it, I give my all man (All man)
I know I fucked my face up, it ain’t my fault man
But the story that’s with it, I pull it off man
You really changed a nigga life and I thanked you for that
Remember on that trip to Cali? I thanked you for that
Remember when we hit Miami? That time was the best
When that lawyer came through, man, that was a blessing
You really was my favorite rapper, I just never said it
Documentary, I listen to it and I be stressin’
You gave me faith, I wondered “Why?” whenever shit was hectic
Workin’ with you with that camera man, really helped me

I’ve been feelin’ like that young fly nigga
I woke up feelin’ like a boss
Finna make it add up, have patience
In a minute, I’ma show ’em somethin’

[Verse 2]
I know my face is like broken pieces of glass to ’em
They finna talk about that
But they can’t say that boy wallet ain’t fat
They can’t say that I ain’t poppin’ like that
I have been gold Lu (I have been gold Lu)
I just want you to listen to every song Lu
I just hope that you never look at it wrong Lu
I used to write every time we hung up the phone Lu
But you ain’t even know it
I really scared to show it
A situation where silence is more noise
Told God that if it’s meant to keep me going (Yeah)
Got even better at it and wrote a hunnid more
Runnin’ outta paper, writing on request forms
Hoping one day, me and you could [?] and we could form
End of the letter
P.S. I’m loving all your new songs Lu (Yeah, yeah)
I write a song every time I hear a song Lu
I heard that shit with your daddy, the other song too
Everyday we lived in that cell, yeah, that song too
Sincerely, this is Shyne Grady
Pockets pregnant, [?] have five babies

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