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Soulja Boy – “Do My Lil Dance”

Big Draco is back again! Soulja Boy unveils yet another piece of new music, titled “Do My Lil Dance”. Stream, buy, mp3 download.

Soulja Boy Do My Lil Dance

Soulja Boy Do My Lil Dance

Soulja Boy is everywhere these days. The rapper’s continued to make waves in the past year, specifically following the success of “She Make It Clap.” The impromptu freestyle transformed into one of the biggest TikTok trends and earned Soulja another #1 record on the Billboard charts. In the midst of all of this, he’s found himself in public feuds that are often one-sided and has flooded the streets with new music at every corner.

The rapper doesn’t appear to have any intention of slowing down, either. Today, the rapper quietly emerged with a new single titled, “Do My Lil Dance.” The cover art for the single reads “Soulja Season” which might indicate that another album is on the way before the year’s end.

Soulja Boy – Do My Lil Dance

Quotable Lyrics
She said Draco, give me a chance
Walk around town with that stick in my hand
I get the blicks and sh*t lil n***a

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