StreetLife – “Story Of My Life” (ft. Method Man)

Date 2021-03-17

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StreetLife is here with the visual to the “Story Of My Life” track featuring Method Man. Listen, stream, buy, watch the video, read the lyrics, mp3 download the song.

Streetlife Story Of My Life

Streetlife Story Of My Life

Streetlife and Method Man have been collaborating for years now, and that loyalty has endured to this day. A few weeks ago — alas, we missed this one at initial release — the pair came through to deliver a new single called “Story Of My Life,” which is set to appear on Streetlife’s upcoming album of the same name. Taking to a vintage sample-driven beat by producer KDef, the track wastes little time in setting a tone.

Streetlife sets it off with some reflective bars, musing with an air of contentment on the fruits of his labor. “I separated the street from the artist, now the top of the chart be the target,” he raps. “You gotta make em love you, fear you, or respect you / I got em’ all checked so let’s start it.” Method Man steps in to close out the track with a verse, his signature flow as sharp as the Shaolin sword he still deftly bears. “I probably robbed your father for his chain,” he muses, without a hint of remorse. “And I probably die a martyr cause I started with a bang / take another’s garments, get retarded with the slang.”

StreetLife – Story Of My Life (ft. Method Man)


So Legendary without the Accolades
Perfected my Craft
So I can Get Hella Paid
On My Grind
On the Road to 99
The Closest to Perfection is my State of Mind
Sit Back and Get Fat off the Fruits of my Labor
Break Bread with Gustavo Guerra
Rocking a New Era
Blue n White Yankee Fitted
For a King
Feeling like Lebron before the Rings
I tiring to shake this Monkey Off my Back
Trying to Bring this Champion to the Stats
It Be Like
Sttaatteenn Issllaanndd TThhiiss IIS FFor YoUUU
My Peoplez are You
With Me Where You At
Holla Back
Im All In its about Wins
Its Game Time
When I Shine We All Shine
Get on Board
Whos the Ills in Survivor Remorse
I Got to get it
What Eva the Cost
The Story of My Life
Theirs No Silver lining
Pressure makes Diamonds
Just Keep Grinding
Never Stop Striving
No Compromising
Patience is a Virtue
This is Perfect Timing
This is Perfect Timing
Im Hall Fame Worthy but its a bit Early
I need a classic Hit so I can Sit Firmly
Own My Throne like this Kid can Hold His Own
You Cant Box Me In
But Im in the Zone
I Spread the Street from the Artist
Now the Top of the Charts be the Target
You Got Make them Love You, Fear You, or Respect You
I Got Em All Checked
Now Lets Start It
I Should Have Came out Sooner
Guess Im a Late Bloomer
Reloaded the Clip so I can Dead the Rumor
Street Gossip is Im the Hot Topic
Story of My Life I turn Pain into Profit
I Guess Im Only Human After All
Dont Put the Blame On Me I never Dropped the Ball
Momma said I went from Sitting Straight to my Feet
I Never Crawled
I Always Took Quantum Leaps
The Story of My Life
Theirs No Silver lining
Pressure makes Diamonds
Just Keep Grinding
Never Stop Striving
No Compromising
Patience is a Virtue
This is Perfect Timing
I came into this Game
Without a Thing
Just a 40 oz Bottle and a Swallow to My Name
Probably Robbed Your Father for His Chain and
Probably Died a Martyr because I Started with a BANG
Takes Another Garments
Get Retarded with the Slang
You Should think a Little Harder
Cause I’m Harder then You Think
Pull in Rank
I Smell like the Funk
Put in the Bank
Rappers Nathan
Your Boy HotDog now put in Frank
93′ Lp Told You to Enter The
You Sus Got a Stick in Your Butt
Told You to Enema
The Story of My Life Uncut
Its Like a Cinema
Consider this Considerably
I Dont Consider Yah
Changing Lines in the Game
Caught a Vehicle
Screaming on these Lames No Order Particular
They Love You when Your Hot
When you Not Nobody Remembers Yah

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