Styles P – Mind Power (Audio, Lyrics)

Styles P - Mind Power

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Styles P Mind Power
Styles P Mind Power

While Styles P continues to be a voice for the streets into his 40s, he’s also made sure that he’s spreading knowledge simultaneously. That’s not to say that he never did in the past but these days, he’s all about raising awareness around maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Even as one of the best hardcore gangster rap lyricists to ever grace a microphone, he’s squeezing in gems about staying right both mentally and physically, especially during these troubling times.

This week, he came through with a brand new track titled, “Mind Power.” Tackling a classic boom-bap instrumental, his new track serves as the lead single off of his forthcoming project, Ghost Your Enthusiasm. The track tackles government conspiracies including theories surrounding the correlation between vaccinations and Dr Anthony Fauci’s paycheck. Ultimately, Styles P kicks knowledge on natural remedies and boosting immune systems while performing an exercise of lyrical excellence.

Styles P – Mind Power


I feel you in these walls
You’re a cold air creeping in
Chill me to my bones and skin
I heard you down the hall
But it’s vacant when I’m looking in
Oh, who let you in?

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You walk around like you own the place
But you never say anything
I caught you walking straight through my walls
Guess it was all my fault
I think I let you in

You said I never wrote a song for you
So I hope this one is haunting to you
You Said even if it took forever
that me and You would be together
and I never thought that you would lie
So I admit I took advantage of your precious time
I’ve been I took advantage
Of you every night that I was on the
Road even at home I wouldn’t do you right

I’ll admit it
The something for a minute i’ma let you
Convince me that what we started spinach
To for second thought I wouldn’t take a
Bullet to the hair for you
Paint the bottom on my floor and for you kissed by
An angel touched by the devil blood from
A nose red as a rose petal
I think we’re caught up in a power trip
See my Kate Moss I’m her Johnny Depp

Light pull the fast life in the fast lane
Lights in the cab night drinking champagne
bass make a last ice for the
Back pain with the night from the –
Plate with a hash prayin we f**k with
The lights off bring a lair say that it
Twice and the wrong ones for the matter
I love the fresh ones like a bad day
With straight
For the – shame king of the
World what a damn name is he killed
Other other girls in the damn frame for
A queen that he never be
I’m Santa can knife in the
Like wanna feel my plane Magus lacing
The wrist to reveal those basic see your
Face belt feel insane

Never thought that I would feel like this
Such a mess when I’m in your presence
I’ve had enough, think you’ve been making me sick
Gotta get you out of my system, yeah
It’s my house
And I think it’s time to get out
It’s my soul
It isn’t yours anymore
It’s my house
And I think it’s time to get out
Yeah, I think it’s time to get out

Yeah, yeah, ooh, oh-oh
Yeah, I think it’s time to get out

World go around like a DVD
I don’t give a fvck about the CDC
Taking black seed oil playing BDP
I’m a road runner road run chi-ali
I am VIP
Need V.I.P
Thats very important plants
I’m a very important man
with a very important stance
boost ya immune
i’m the goon that’s in tune
If go to jail my niqqas send a balloon
I aint getting a chip
Unless its a tune for the whip
With the new tune up just to skip..Ghost!
You know, we are dealing with
A very critical and crucial time
Most critical and crucial time that
I’ve ever witnessed
Being as young as I am you know

We all don’t want to say nothing else,
So we say “As young as we are”
Big brother is too slick
BOP the new bloods
CNN the new crips
Put the people in the MUD
Whats the best for the people
Let the people be the judge
Why the news got beef?
Better yet why the news got sheep?
One percent wolves
But they not like me
They don’t care about health or the black like me
They don’t know
white boys that are opps like me
There are not well rounded
too many PJ’s they are not well grounded
Many foundations that was not well founded
Yeah its bigger than racism
White on white now
Who could dictate with em?

100 joints rolled
I go to the face with em
This aint the dance
But I’m ready to break with em
You can’t eat
Get hip to yourself, good God, my brother
You get it from the street
If you don’t work you can’t eat
Sist…You don’t work, Lord
You can’t eat
So you’ve got to have mind power
To deal with Starvation
And that’s what we’re dealing with

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