Sukihana – Rob Who? (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2020-12-18

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Sukihana is here with “Rob Who?”. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song.

Sukihana Rob Who

Sukihana Rob Who

She’s a cupcakKe, but Sukihana says she’s the whole cake.

We’ve got a full-blown beef going on right now, which originated with cupcakKe’s latest record “How To Rob (Remix)”. The brash rapper came for everyone from Megan Thee Stallion to Lizzo, and of course, Sukihana, who has taken serious offense to her words.

Sukihana – Rob Who?


Bitch, we ‘posed to be out here uplifting each other
But Mr Crab mad ’cause his pussy stank, his pussy stank

Hurt bitch
Bet you stank when you twerk, bitch
Ho shaped like a Perc, bitch
Pay a feature, we can work, bitch, yo’ hurt, bitch
Hurt bitch
Bet you stank when you twerk, bitch
Ho shaped like a Perc, bitch
Pay a feature, we can work, bitch, yo’ hurt, bitch (Listen)

[Verse 1]
Pussy ho say my name on a record
Like I was gon’ sit there and accept it
Ho, you know I’m Suki, what the fuck you expected?
You know I’m rude as fuck and you know my mouth is reckless
A bitch will do anything for attention when she desperate
But how you got the right when you finna get some wreck, bitch?
Ho, I’ll have them steppers steppin’ down on your neck, bitch
Ho, you just another ho I’m checkin’ off my checklist
Bitch, you picked the wrong [?] to try and come and ride, bitch
I’m the type to bring the strap to the rap battle
When I run down on ’em, I bet you them bullets scatter
Lookin’ like a real nigga with that five o’clock shadow
Sayin’ my name but, bitch, this ain’t what you want
Would get your ass robbed but you ain’t got shit that I want
I got that ho shook up, who she tryna look for?
Keep it real, ho, what shows you gettin’ booked for?
I asked the promoters, they said they don’t really know ya
She really want some cat that’s why she’s lookin’ for Doja
Nobody wanna fuck, she confused, need closure
Well, I’ma expose her since she’s lookin’ for exposure
Damn, ho, what’s the matter?
Dissed everybody, still don’t matter
Can’t afford a Patek, get your ass fatter
Word on the street, ho, you a paymaster
I heard you payin’ niggas and they still won’t smash ya
Me and these hoes ain’t really what they say they is
Mad ’cause they can’t find a nigga pay they bills
Talkin’ all that shit but ain’t the way they live
Lookin’ like Vivian off the Bébé’s Kids
Well, let me give you an update
You gon’ fuck around and make me get the duct tape
Bitch, I laugh when I look at how your butt shake
Bad body bitch built like a cupcake
Ha, bitch, tell me what’s wrong wit’ ya?
Ho, I even went and tried to did a song wit’ ya
But this dumb ho wylin’ talkin’ ’bout five-thousand
Pussy ho, would you tell me what’s wrong wit’ ya? (What’s wrong wit’ ya?)
CupcakKe freak, cupcakKe, take a seat
I got [?]
You cupcake ho, I can tell that you [?]
Knock the frostin’ off your ass when I see you in the street
Missy, I know you see me, keep watchin’
I’m gettin’ Nike checks, ho, you still Reebokin’
I’m purer off cut, pussy ho, you re-rockin’
How you gon’ rob a bitch when I heard your knees knockin’?
Yeah, I got her mad, yeah, I got that bitch hot
She mad she ain’t really bad enough to be a thot
Ugly ass ho, you will never be a [?]
Lookin’ like Meg (Sike), after the vaccine shot
Be serious, you will never be raw, you delirious
Talkin’ gutter ho, we ain’t tryna hear it
Whole man lookin’ ho
What I really wanna know is do you even get a period?

Bitch, you out here shaped like a bull egg, you big bad moose
Your titties longer than a motherfuckin’ prison sentence
Bitch, I’m finna put some Christmas socks on her motherfuckin’ titties, ho
And, bitch, I’m finna keep poppin’ up on you again and again like them herpes on your bootyhole, bitch
And, bitch, I ain’t done
Yeah, huh, huh, hold up

[Verse 2]
Big [?] around this bitch and they all dirty
Bitches send them shots like I’m Steph Curry
Put that money on your head, I might cut a thirty
Pussy ho, I’ll have you dead and won’t nobody know it
Bitch, you the type to trickin’ at Popeyes Chicken
Chargin’ forty dollars ’cause you know that pussy pissy
Go and watch that dookie shooter ’cause that ass shity
Suki ain’t scared, bitch, [?] (Bitch)
Rob who? Kill what?
Come to Westside, we’ll put them Glocks in your butt
I’m [?] with them real killers
Call them fuck niggas, they gon’ die wit’ ya
You’s a cupcake, I’m a whole cake
And that [?] hatin’ shit gon’ lay an earthquake
I seen them [?] on yo’ ass, this a cold case
Pussy ho, you know not to say Nicki name
Rah rah, bitch, you shaped like a tablet
Rah rah, them long titties is saggin’
Lil’ basket hound ho, your tail is waggin’
‘Bout time to put these tired hoes in a casket
My pussy fantastic, you is a mad bitch
I heard that coochie hold ya like a catcus
Bitch, is you blind? Go put on your glasses
You lookin’ like a walrus with them lashes

And I’m still not done wit’ you, you fuck ass ho
You big, bad, bug lookin’ ass bitch
Fuck your mom, ho

[Verse 3]
Whole pussy-ass ho got me activated
Tryna teach you how to rob ’cause you clout chasin’
That lil’ diss ’bout as dry as your weave, ho
Promoters ain’t gon’ book you, they want me, ho
I’ll send you free tickets, bitch, V.I.P
Put my hands on your ass like I’m Aileen
You could get your face beat, I’ma MUA
Lil’ dirty ass ho, you just in the way
Coulda hit my DM, you want promo?
Said my name in your song, I’m on go mode
Want the smoke but they [?], that’s a no no
I made a thousand bands, OnlyFans, you’s a broke ho
‘Bout to fire yo’ ass up, leave me ‘lone, girl
‘Cause your wig upsettin’ all my homegirls
Ain’t got time for no kids, I got my own girl
Bitch, I’m a fool, I’m gon’ tell you nothin’ wrong, girl

Old tired ass ho

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