Swagger Rite – “Weston Rd. Freestyle”

Swagger Rite - Weston Rd. Freestyle (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

unveils the visual to a new single titled “ Freestyle”. Listen, read the lyrics, stream, buy, mp3 download the song.

Swagger Rite Weston Rd. Freestyle
Swagger Rite

Coming out of Toronto, Swagger Rite has seen plenty of dope artists come before him. While Toronto has a distinct sound, Swagger Rite has molded his very own Toronto wave which contains some elements of drill. It’s a great mix that has excited fans and will certainly continue to do so for years to come. Recently, he dropped his new Detour EP and on the track “Weston Rd. Freestyle,” Swagger Rite opted to take a page out of the Drake playbook.

With this track, Swagger Rite offers up a bevy of bars and every single line is used up to perfection. From the flow to the beat, the Toronto artist showcases exactly what he can do, and this energy is certainly going to make a lot of fans catch on to his wave.

Swagger Rite – Weston Rd. Freestyle


I been quite been selling that cane
I got time so it’s time to play
All these rapper better know there place

I got Glocks and I got K’s
Don’t get to close or its one to the face
I’m letting it spray bullets got no name

Opps look hard for the camera in reality
Man get check them man their waste

Fuuug just touch off of ten to the five
Is back little bro we ain’t playing no games
Anyone diss swag get flied like plains
After you die in gone to the A

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Swagger Rite – Drugs & Love (ft. Roy Wood$) (Audio, Lyrics)

Swagger Rite - Drugs & Love (ft. Roy Wood$) (prod. Dimi)

Mans shout out the ends never put on
I’m not salty I’m just saying
5PG don’t forget that name
We running the ends Weston Roads where we bang
Can’t shout out the hood without mentioning game
That’s type of shit that will get niggas paged
We stick to the code if you know what I’m saying
Got this shit out the mud use to trap in the rain

What you know about shootouts and putting in Pain
And doing your time
Time on the range

You could ask Sha, Gizzle, Whoa, Gilla, Winnie
You could ask Flav,
You could ask Bags, Fuug, Stinga, M.I, Homes
You could ask Rain
You were never kicking no doors
Waving the 4’s hitting a hunnid band stains

You ain’t never shot no guns
Or spin no blocks so why you talk so greezy
If mans act sick I call up bread P.Gizzle and Weezy

I’m with the killers don’t do it for clout
These other rappers just do it for T.V
Free all my hitter that’s lock doing time
Some got life some stuck in the Peezy

So whether in jail, on road opps
Can’t walk round freely
Head tap mans then call up PUP then fly out neatly
I’m sending shots from way back here
Somebody died but I wasn’t there
Just no that killers around me this year
Lift up your soul I see death in the air

There ain’t no demon no devil I fear
I live in the 6ix the devils is here
He wasn’t that lucky was he
Tings got mucky and mans got duppied
It could get ugly trust me
Dear anyone wanna step
Try to touch me

Now he in forensics
Pull up to on him with the choppa
Just me and damestic

Starting Five never play for the benches
Got to shoot when you come from the trenches
I know all the Killers from Jane
And you know that my niggas run Weston

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