Taylor J – The Life (ft. Troy Ave & Meezy) (Audio, Lyrics)

Taylor J - The Life (ft. Troy Ave & Meezy) (prod. Flawless Tracks)

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Taylor J The Life
Taylor J The Life

Taylor J – The Life (ft. Troy Ave & Meezy) (prod. Flawless Tracks)


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[Verse 1 – Taylor J]
I got things in mind
To finally get us outside of the hole and into the lime light
In my past I don’t recall doing much living with my life
Them 1000s ain’t nothing trust me I did that shit in my bucket
What up with cake, I don’t want one hot song for money
I want to eat like Jay, It’s all for take
And I’ll be god damned if a nigga can’t fill a table full with four plates
Get the fuck out the way, I’m one bad habit away from sending it in
And I probably should be repenting already
But the feeling of knowing niggas don’t get it so heavy
My nigga I done seen Meek kill em already
Your life, I lived it already
No bullshit, nigga I done did it already
From the days I had dreams of a white box Chevy
A buck at Atlanta with condo balconies
I got now, I ain’t thinking about who comes after me
Young nigga came up, got his change up
Motherfucking lot of bullshit, hoes played us
Niggas tried to change us
The life

[Hook – Meezy ] [x2]
Motivated by paper
Give it all up on this road
If she leave I won’t chase her
Shawty just like my Patron
This the path that we chose
This the life that we know
Rosé we sip it slow
Everyday we getting mo’
The Life

[Verse 2 – Meezy]
This that Polo Gang shit
Motivated by paper, no respect for a hater
We fucking with the blinds up cuz on top there’s no labels
No, don’t do me no favors, I put myself on
My heart’s made of Teflon, run through more gas than Exxon
Pretty girls in my section, I’m living the life
If I die and came back, I’d do the same thing twice
Champagne on ice, my bad hoes play nice
Polo BSB connecter, so my comeback right
It be the same ones who hated right there when you make it
Need a new rolex with a face lift and a GT like a space ship
And these bright lights all gon pay for this, fast money, I was made for this
Living on the edge so dangerous, but I want some more so I’ll take the risk


[Verse 3 – Troy Ave]
Money’s my motivation, Duck me, I’m down in Asia
Hungry from paper chasing, snubby for all the hating
Trust me I got no patience, touch me you’ll be a patient
Eat all from the heat all, point blank range, PBR
Murders a conversation, it could go either way
What you like April showers, we in the month of May
Party at 10th June, with gold digging boozy bitches
Bodies attending noon, but I’m with my goons nigga
BSB murder team, BSB dope boys, BSB everything, except pussy gay broke boys
Roll up and smoke choice, relax and get high
I say baby I’m hustling, I’ll relax when I die
Money stacks getting high, I get a buzz over that
Woke up the nap with this fire, now my name buzz over rap
Any buzz off crack, my cocaine come back, my flow ahead of the pack
Polo gang, get them facts

[Verse 4 – Troy Ave]
Sipping the Rosé with the Patron
Niggas can’t fuck with us, leave lone
Y’all niggas ain’t in the zone
We shoot two to three, go home
To your maker, meet your maker
Fucking haters, do me no favor


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