Tee Grizzley – Lions & Eagles (ft. Meek Mill) (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2020-06-21

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Listen, stream, watch lyric video, read the lyrics, buy, mp3 download “Lions & Eagles” by Tee Grizzley featuring Meek Mill. The song was produced by Omega & Cypress.

Tee Grizzley Lions & Eagles

Tee Grizzley Lions & Eagles

Tee Grizzley is easily one of the most prominent voices in Detroit right now and he has been securing features from some of the biggest artists in the game. Just recently, he dropped his brand new project called The Smartest and one of the immediate standouts on the tracklist is the appropriately titled “Lions & Eagles” with Meek Mill. Of course, the Lions represent the Detroit Lions while Meek is represented by the Philadelphia Eagles.

This is one of those high energy songs Tee Grizzley is known for and Meek Mill does a phenomenal job setting both the tone and the vibe. Both artists will have you feeling on top of the world which is exactly what you would hope for from these two.

Tee Grizzley – Lions & Eagles (ft. Meek Mill) (prod. Omega & Cypress)

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[Intro: Meek Mill]
(Omega), uh

[Verse 1: Meek Mill & Tee Grizzley]
I just maxed out with this lil’ bitch up in Barneys
With the bag out, I walk in and lit up the party
I just smashed out with this lil’ bitch in the ‘Rari
And I cashed out, I’m a playboy rockin’ Cartis, yeah (Cypress)
My lil’ bitch from the D told me rock my buffs
We still duckin’ from them D’s, tryna rock it up
Niggas pussy, throwin’ flags, tryna chop it up (What?)
Handsome niggas in the streets, we get to poppin’ up (Boom, boom)
Caught him comin’ out the club, so, shit, we shot it up (Brrt)
Bitch was hangin’ with the opps, so, shit, we shot at her (Brrt)
Show no mercy on them pussies, they ain’t live enough (Fuck ’em)
They too broke to go to war, shit, they ain’t got enough (Broke-ass niggas)
Ooh, we gon’ come out (Yeah)
Too much money, it ain’t funny, I won’t run out (At all)
In the trenches, I’ma bring my Bentley truck out (Skrrt)
Tryna be low behind them tints, but I still stuck out
You ain’t tryna give me that pussy, get the fuck out
Stack it in the winter, in the summer, we gon’ bust out (Uh-uh)
Threw some shit, ain’t hit nobody, and he struck out (Hoes)
Caught that nigga slidin’ home and he got dug out, gang

[Chorus: Meek Mill & Tee Grizzley]
More money, more bitches
More millis, more riches (What else?), yeah, yeah (Nigga)
Bendin’ corners on a four-wheeler (Skrrt)
Made some more money, so I bought some more killers, yeah, yeah

[Verse 2: Tee Grizzley]
Only bosses talkin’, nigga, shut the fuck up (Bitch ass up)
Hate my opps so much, I should go get ’em dug up (Dig ’em up)
Don’t fuck on broke bitches no more, baby, I’m stuck-up (I can’t do it)
Up that chopper on my brother, I don’t trust nothin’, wait, wait
Nigga killed my auntie, let me live, boy, you foolish
When you die and go meet her, she gon’ tell you you stupid
If these pussies got a problem, you know I got a solution
We gon’ do it like math, subtract everybody included
I like fuckin’ bitches soon as we meet
Only street nigga from the D made more money than me was Meech
First one go touch a hundred without goin’ to jail is me
Only nigga with a song hard as “First Day Out” is Meek
Boy, you sweet
Heard you let them niggas rob you, we gon’ rob you too
But they ain’t shoot you, when I rob you, I’ma pop you too (Boom)
He ain’t drop yet off the Glock, shoot the chopper too (Brrt)
I’ll fuck a nigga main bitch, side bitch too (Both, nigga)

[Chorus: Meek Mill & Tee Grizzley]
More money, more bitches
More millis, more riches (What else?), yeah, yeah (Nigga)
Bendin’ corners on a four-wheeler (We ain’t done yet, hold up)
Made some more money, so I bought some more killers, yeah, yeah

[Verse 3: Tee Grizzley]
Hold up, wait a minute, y’all thought I was finished? (Hold up)
Hardest chain in the game, this shit all in Guinness
How you gon’ get ahead, you keep runnin’ off on niggas?
I got ’em sick like I had a cold and coughed on niggas
I’m the same nigga from Joy Road with them dreads, yeah, them locks (Gang)
When I was ’round, they stayed in ’cause the clip curled on the chop (Bang)
We’ll air you out, we’ll tear you down, no flyin’ up this block
I’ma bust it down into rocks, then go bust down me a watch, nigga

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