Thutmose – My Maria (Audio, Lyrics)

Thutmose - My Maria (prod. Avedon)

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Thutmose My Maria
Thutmose My Maria

Thutmose’s debut project, Man On Fire truly caught our attention. He’s one of the most versatile new artists out right now. From Lagos to Brooklyn, there’s a worldly influence to his music that holds no boundaries, and his latest single, “My Maria” is a testament to that. Thut’s latest single is a melodious banger that’s fitting to set the mood to any pre-drink. Backed by afrobeats rhythms, Thut reflects on those late-night excursions with an infectious hook and sharp delivery.

Thut’s been active this year throughout the pandemic. The rapper dropped his latest offering, “On The Run” earlier this year which continued to make waves. Ahead of “My Maria,” he gave fans a taste of what to expect in 2021 with Best Of Both Worlds: Side A.

Thutmose – My Maria (prod. Avedon)


Whole crew going dumb
Dumb dumb dumb
My Maria
Came from London
Can’t feel my face
Numb numb numb numb
Mary Mary Jane
Came with me to LA

Blurry Nights
Cotton Mouth
Gotta get a sip of the Fiji
Blinding Lights
I should stop
But I do more cuz I’m Greedy
Bad Boy got Rocks like VV
Come close see the ice in 3D
See the Gang Gang moving freely
Come around I put em on to game like Luigi

Pre Chorus
Bought good vibes, Energy
La Mariaaa my Remedy


2nd verse

My next move my best move
Ahead of my time I don’t act my age
Feel they eyes judging moi puffing on trees so I block that shade
What’s that? What that’s aye?
Fuck it up! Fuck it up yeah
Oh my bring it back here I gotta live life no fear

Pre Chorus

Bought good vibes, Energy
La Mariaaa my Remedy

HOOK (2x)

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