Timaya’s Latest Single “Joko” Featuring Shaggy (+Lyrics)

Date 2023-12-04

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Timaya features Jamaican-American reggae act, Shaggy on the new “Joko” track produced by Young D. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the song, mp3 download.

In his latest single, “Joko,” Nigerian artist Timaya collaborates with Jamaican-American reggae act Shaggy, creating a scintillating dancehall tune that has fans eagerly anticipating the sonic alchemy that would result from this partnership. The synergy between these two stalwarts of their respective genres results in an experience, a harmonious fusion of similar styles that transcends borders.

Timaya Joko

Timaya Joko

As the beats of Joko reverberate, it becomes evident that this collaboration has yielded something extraordinary. The song embodies the magic that unfolds when two musical titans join forces, creating a track that is well-crafted and also carries the unmistakable stamp of Timaya’s and Shaggy’s individual brilliance.

The allure of a Timaya and Shaggy collaboration lies not only in the convergence of their musical styles but also in the element of surprise it brings. Many, upon discovering this dynamic pairing, will undoubtedly marvel at the unexpected yet harmonious union of Nigerian and Jamaican musical influences, each contributing to the vibrancy and richness of the brand new track, Joko.

For the production, Joko is brought to life by the skilled hands of Timaya’s longtime collaborator, Young D. The duo has been crafting music together for more than a decade, and their synergy is palpable in the seamless production of the new track. Young D’s touch complements Timaya’s and Shaggy’s individual brilliance, resulting in a track that is sure to be a hit.

Timaya – Joko (ft. Shaggy) (prod. Young D)

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30 November 2023
1 Song, 3 minutes
℗ 2023 DM Records / EMPIRE


Young D the beat boss

I’m that guy wey dey make all the girl dem dey feel fine
Chillin with my guys all day, everybody feel alright
‘Alright let them know that’
Anytime I dey around your town the girl ama hug me like skin tight
‘Yeah man’
No no no
I’m the girls dem lotto, tell your boyfriend sit down and Joko
Sit down and Joko
‘Love Lova’
Tell your boyfriend sit down and Joko

Unto you my baby
Unto you my love
All my girls dem love the way doing it up and down
Girl, tell me say she like my eh me rollin
Girl she tell me say, she like the way mi a mi givin thing

When Mr Lova
Pull up in adi
I cup your body
And call me daddy
You neva dey there
Ask anybody
Ask anybody
Somebody girl wanna take me home
Three girl feel mi bati ratio
All over the world everywhere we go
The girl wanna play like the radio
Mr Lova Lova all the girlies all the century
Every documentary a try document me
Girl afi power so she treat mi [?]
Wait mi wanna make a entry
Girl if its not this, if not that come and tell me
Face ferrari the body dem ma bentley
How much girl mi have mi afi tell emma plenti
20 times 20

As soon as mi pull up she wan mi
She say she no care where her man stay
Becos she wan dey where the gang dey
And when dey don dey
They don dey
As soon as they [?]
That mean say you do not disturb mi
You just lost your girl yeah she runaway
She runaway
Mi say she runway

Shawty wanna bend down low
She wanna burst up a whine for mi
Shawty wanna be my babymama
Everywhere mi dey she wan dey with mi

E bi mi b the guy where dey make dem dey feel fine
Mi am chillin with with my guys everybody dem alright
Stepping inna ur town all the girls dem a hug mi like skin tight
Oh no no
I’m d girl dem lotto, I just bought your girlfriend a condo
So sitdown and Joko
Oh ah
I don’t wanna hear noise
‘Bring in the ladies’
Unto you my baby eh
Unto you my love oh ah
All my girls dem love the way doing it up and down
Bring am come
Oh nana
Bring am
Bring am come to me
Bring am come to me
Bring am come to me
Girl em ma come to mi
The woman dem ma come to me
Girl em ma come to me

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