TOBi – “Off The Drugs” (ft. Mick Jenkins) [Audio, Lyrics]

TOBi - Off The Drugs (ft. Mick Jenkins) (prod.

Nigerian-Canadian rapper and singer, unleashes a brand mew “” songs featuring . Listen, watch lyric video & read the lyrics, stream, buy the song.

Tobi Off The Drugs
Tobi Off The Drugs

TOBi has come through with his new single “Off The Drugs,” enlisting the always-talented Mick Jenkins for the assist. Taking to a laid-back and vibey guitar arrangement, the Canadian melodist sets it off with an introspective bit of soul-searching, his creativity no doubt fueled by the soothing presence of cannabis.

TOBi – Off The Drugs (ft. Mick Jenkins)

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Caught me slipping, I was sipping bourbon
Unfamiliar feelings, it’s that liquid courage
For every brave heart lies a coward lurking
Far from perfect, niggas wishy-washy
Death and taxes only things certain
Speaking of I paid mines through
What you doing for the night? She said, “You”
I said, “Quit playing games, slide through”

Hopeless romance, I throw my hands up
Been in my bag, three nights alone, she held me for ransom
We getting throwed like a tantrum
We both used to the fronting
Pump faking got us jumping to assumptions
Tonight I’ma live and maintain
I’m getting high just to see this whole thang, yeah
When off the drugs

Show me some love
On a good trip and I hope it never end
High as the ceiling fan and I got the spins
When off the drugs

The paper’s rolled, the blunt’s a non-no
No dibs no doobies ’bouta get lit by my dolo
White grape white owl was my first love, I can’t go no more though
Moving through this water, let me show you how it’s different
How I shout boat lifted reminiscing on them days when I would buy the pack to flip it
Couldn’t tell me I wasn’t gifted with the vegetation
Overdid it sometimes too, descriptive with my education
Edibles gon’ hit in ’bout a hour, that’s late registration, class has been in session
We ain’t present my whole section has been classy
Run and tell it, you can feel it, you can smell it
Breaking chains now, these niggas want the link to my connection
Monster’s Inc could make a link to my inception
Open your Mike Wazowski, start reflecting off these ounces, I got pounds of work
Pouncing at the chance to push it, patient with the curing process
Doubt it and my mans a pull it off the stem for good measure
Off the drugs like good weather, is may weather gon’ take a hit like Mayweather
Won’t say whether I’m high or I’m fly, I just play feather

Show me some love
On a good trip and I hope it never end
High as the ceiling fan and I got the spins
When off the drugs

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