Tony Allen – “Deer In Headlights” [Audio]

Tony Allen - Deer In Headlights (ft. Danny Brown)

Another song from the late drops, this time, the “” track featuring . Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download the song.

Tony Allen Deer In Headlights
Tony Allen Deer In Headlights

Danny Brown is slowly approaching a few anniversary dates. This summer will mark 10 years since the release of his breakout album, XXX and a few months after that, it’ll mark two years since the release of Uknowhatimsayin? Fans have been eager to hear new music from the Detroit rapper, especially after the numerous guest appearances he’s made on recent Bruiser Brigade releases.

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Payday (PJ) – “Vampire” (ft. Danny Brown) [Audio, Lyrics]

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This month, the rapper’s long-awaited collaboration with the late Tony Allen surfaced on There Is No End. DB shares the stage on “Deer In Headlights” where his sharp flow delivers tales of D-Town through Allen’s jazzy production.

Tony Allen – Deer In Headlights (ft. Danny Brown)

Quotable Lyrics
Ain’t what it seem
When you’re working on the road and your family is struggling
And they think you’re rich but you signed a 3-6
And you ain’t got shit but you actin’ like ya big
Thank God I stayed indie but this shit is flimsy


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