Tory Lanez – “Gyalis (remix)” [Audio, Lyrics]

Date 2021-09-19

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Tory Lanez returns with the remix for the “Gyalis” song produced by Capella Grey. Stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Tory Lanez Gyalis (remix)

Tory Lanez Gyalis (remix)

Throughout his career, Tory Lanez has always been a master when it comes to the remix. While the artist was eventually able to find his voice with his own music, there is no doubt that Lanez shines when giving his own interpretation of well-established songs. Just a few months ago, Capella Grey came out with a song of the summer contender called “Gyalis,” and now, Tory is back with a quick 1:45 remix of the track that does a great job at paying homage to the original.

With this track, Lanez keeps the original production and matches the tone of the track with his delivery. As he begins the track, he starts off with a bit of a softer tone although it crescendos into a new flow where Lanez is able to flex his vocal capabilities.

Tory Lanez – Gyalis (remix) (prod. Capella Grey)


Yeah, Lil’ Tory
Oh no I’m back, remix killer, oh
Drop that ass on the floor
And come back rotated
Don’t be to proud to say I’m your fav’
By now she knows the gyal on me
And if you duck me somebody’ll cuff me
So why even try dub a guy like this?
She want some

Fake like she asleep (Woo)
Louis bags packed like she stayin’ for the week
I’m like “Oh, nah, nah mama that’s a deep”
Baby, you know how I get down
Now drop that ass and get it on with me
Shawty low with me, turn it off
Then just don’t tell me I’ve been holdin’ it all in
I got hoes with me ’cause you don’t see me callin’
I slang way too much good dick for all of this
Let’s play operator, shake what your momma or your doctor gave you
Gwan now, baby, you nuh see mine, you wan [?]
Slip on the counter, mop pon di cocky, she wan take it all from me
Well, come let me snap back no SnapChat
Good backazz turned out to Bachata to to backshots
Never mind that, long [?], she spine back, recline that
‘Cause I don’t play games anytime I’m in your city, yeah, yeah
Fukcin’ [?] but you know I gotta pay for you
You know when it rains it pours, and when the Tory Lanez [?] you know, good brain and foursomes
She, she don’t want nobody else but me and just me
Because we, we get dutty, and trust me I got the photos in my phone of her rackin’ me off, givin’ dome to my bitch like
Five different bitches in New York, I gotta fuck ’em at the same time
Homie, what you thought? I’m singin’ a song for my bitch in the Bronx
‘Cause you know that ass be lookin’ thick in thong, and thump, what you want?
To my Queens chick, fuck up a fitted, run in Celine quick
My chick in Harlem, she a problem, still a dream chick
My Brooklyn girl in Long Island solid, I link you all, we can have a five borough ménage ’cause I’m a gyalis

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