Tory Lanez – Temperature Rising (Audio, Lyrics)

Tory Lanez - Temperature Rising (prod. Super Miles)

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Tory Lanez Temperature Rising
Tory Lanez Temperature Rising

Tory Lanez fully took over entertainment duties for a good month while we were all under quarantine lockdown, establishing his highly-effective Quarantine Radio on Instagram Live. As the pandemic grew more and more serious, he continued to keep our minds off of the end of the world by presenting twerk competitions. Truly commendable.

The Toronto native also released his new mixtape The New Toronto 3, which served as the final contribution to his deal with Interscope Records. Now, the rapper is free of any major label woes and he’s ready to unleash his “real music” upon us.

It all starts tonight with the arrival of his first independent single “Temperature Rising,” which will come out via his own One Umbrella imprint.

The track is definitely more on the R&B side of things, showing us that Tory quite enjoys hopping in the studio and making love-making music. Perhaps this will continue during this next chapter of his career.

Tory Lanez – Temperature Rising (prod. Super Miles)

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Yeah, yeah
Wow, wow, ayy

[Verse 1]
Temperature’s risin’
And I’m finna size it back again into you
Givin’ you somethin’
Won’t lie it’s somethin’ I wanna do to you
We got all night, girl, we can take it slowly
Look back at it and shake it for me
‘Cause only I can make you feel the way you feel
Time to make you feel it for real

(Temperature risin’) Temperature risin’
(Makin’ love slow) We’re makin’ it slowly
(Your body’s callin’) It’s callin’ me, yeah
(Lovin’ on me slow) Slow
(Got my attention) You got my attention
(Undivided) And it’s undivided (I wanna love ya)
This time, this time, I wanna love ya
Tonight it’s a love makin’ affair

[Verse 2]
Temperature’s risin’
And I’m still fantasizin’ ’bout what I wanna do to you
My body pressed against your body, baby (Yeah)
I’m hittin’ places that nobody can (Yeah)
Lickin’ your body
Lovin’ as the sweat drip down, yeah
I’m tellin’ you to lock the door
If we ain’t sexin’, what we in here for?

(Temperature risin’) Ooh, I know you know it’s risin’
(Makin’ love slow) We’re makin’ it slowly
(Your body’s callin’) Woah, woah, woah, woah
(Lovin’ on me slow) Yeah, yeah
(Got my attention) And you got my attention
(Undivided) It’s undivided
(I wanna love ya) Yeah
Tonight it’s a love makin’ affair (Lovin’, lovin’ makin’ affair)


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