Trae Tha Truth – Been Here Too Long (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Trae Tha Truth - Been Here Too Long

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Throwback to Trae Tha Truth’s “Been Here Too Long” single. Listen, stream, watch the video, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song.

Trae Tha Truth Been Here Too Long
Trae Tha Truth Been Here Too Long

Trae Tha Truth – Been Here Too Long

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Father, forgive ’em, ‘for they know not what they do
They doin’ me wrong
They doin’ me wrong
I neva did nothin’ wrong
Why the fuck I’m alone?
I been here too long
And they got me wrong
I see you really don’t fuck with me
I ain’t do nothing to ya
But I’m gon’ make it

Damn, I’m on so more shit, why the fuck I been so stressed with they doing?
He got me heated, but somehow I still been blessed
They took my heart right out my chest
What I did to them neva been fake or fraud
But yet I see that shit don’t matter, now I’m conversing with God
Tho I know it’s gon’ be hard, I gotta try the wind
If I get knocked down, I gotta shake it off and try again
Spread my wings and fly again
Even tho this shit will hurt I feel like
I got nobody left to help me out the dirt
I pray something work, I can’t give up shit, I owe my kids the chance
Daddy might not be perfect, just know I won’t let go of your hand
Even if everyone else hate me, fuck it, I won’t stop
Won hell of a betta, I been stuck to fight but I won’t drop
One day I’m gon’ reach the top and leave the rest of ’em below
You’ll neva know if I hit the rollers they might close the door
While I’m not the one who trippin’ out, I’m only tryna grow
Losin’ everything so fast, somehow time is movin’ slow
(Verse 2)
Shit, I’m in this shit all alone
Tryna find way to maneuver, that’s why they told me forgive
Neva forget what they do ya, it ain’t a point to feel sorry
I gotta suck it up and ride out, and focus on angle
For every time I eva cried out I gotta do it
Constantly pushed away, ain’t no point in reaching back
End up being slapped in the face, so many filthy sex
Loyalty, there’s something I’m loyal, I hear your losing focus
Get what they can get and get lost, hoping you neva notice
So many people I admire told me go to hell
And tho I may not win it this time, I only wish ’em well
Nowadays I be locked in my zone like I be stuck in jail
I used to try to run from the rain, but now I’m dodging through
How you gon’ do me that? I neva been a foolish friend
My eyes stay open, I be damn if I see a foolish head
If it was love then it was love, I neva would pretend
But if it’s hate then it was hate, I neva could again

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