Trinidad James – Black Owned (ft. Fyre) (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Trinidad James - Black Owned (ft. Fyre)

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Trinidad James Black Owned
Trinidad James Black Owned

Trinidad James is an interesting case in hip-hop. A former stylist who pivoted into hip hop, it feels like he may have inadvertently opened the doors for Instagram fashionistas to jump into the rap game. However, James has continued to make plays through music and in fashion over the years, even if he’s not in the limelight like he once was.

Trinidad James – Black Owned (ft. Fyre)

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Back on N—- (back)
Black Owned N—- (black)
S— getting UGLY
Mask On N—-
Back on N—- (back)
Black Owned N—- (black)
S— getting UGLY
Mask On N—-

S— get crazy
when that cash gone n—-
Everybody got the answers
I aint ask y’all n—–
Give a f— who got now
N—- now you got next
I ain’t “@“ n—– b—-
Boy I’m at you n—– necks
N—– living for the limelight
And dying for success
I feel like Virgil and Rambo
In this Louis V vest
N—– wish I would just die
I be making n—– vex
I be drippin Carson Daily
Make yo b—- make a request
I never say I’m hungry b—-
Unless I’m Budapest
eating good n—-
counting up in a new check (checks)
Chilling with my n—–
Shooting pool
eating Ruth Chris
sense drama corner pocket
Hit ya a– with the pool stick
These n—– is softer
Than a condom from durex
I’m learning new juggs n—-
Might build a duplex
humble even tho my rings
Look like a Rubiks
These fake a– n—-
break fast like a cubic
B—- this the shinin
Boy I feel like Kubrick
I don’t associate with n—–
Who don’t do s—
N—- You just doing it
I do this s—

F— that advance
N—- I blew that s—
Went and got another
And blew that s—
I work for what I want
Rather than lie on my d—
And If you don’t feel the same
N—- you ain’t s—
Matter fact I don’t like you n—-
Or yo b—-
Or yo bad a– kids who won’t teach s—

Now he got a contract
And he gone get tricked
(Why you gotta say that )
Cause he don’t know s—
Except for busting guns
f— the cops and
f—— b—— lives up
skipping class
Sliding by
He got a wicked jumpshot
chip stuck on his shoulder cause
His brother got popped
Papa was a rolling stone
F— all that
We trying to make it on the cover
N—- how bout that
N—- we go broke because we don’t buy black
Got them crackers toe tappin
When we givin em racks

I’m in the booth right now plotting this Mike Amiri jacket
A rapping contradiction
N—- I just gotta have it
I got shoes you never seen
But I know it’s gonna Match it
I be selling n—– confidence
And Dripping with a passion

(dressed to kill
You can call me an assassin
Don’t need extra bills
Or no baby momma action)

he black and confident?
Oh they like that
he ain’t got no kids?
Oh they like that

Them b—— give me eyes when I’m passing em, boy
I be giving n—– tips
they asking me boy
These n—– can dress
stop gassin ‘em boy
You should see my closet look like
fashion week boy! (c’mon)

Pull up
Get up
these n—– annoyed
You ain’t the only one that can afford (no sir)
You not the only name to make the tabloids
You’re just a guy n—-
I’m That BoY! (that boy!)
The cameras find me when the lights go off
My YSL toes got a Cinderella glow
My pinky finger look like a infinity stone
Thats a time stone, power stone
This S— get Crazy (CRAZY)

Back On N—- (back)
Black Owned N—- (Black)
S— getting UGLY
Mask On N—-
Back On N—- (back)
Black Owned N—- (Black)

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