Twista – “Prayer” [Audio, Lyrics]

Date 2021-09-13

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Acclaimed fastest rapper at some time, Twista is back with a new piece He titles “Prayer”. Stream, read the lyrics, buy, mp3 download

Twista Prayer

Twista Prayer

It goes without saying at this point that whenever Twista drops a project — as he recently did with Shooter Ready — he’ll be putting on what can only be described as a flow clinic. Case in point, the standout track “Prayer,” which features the potent combination of relentless lyricism and haunting production.

Lyrically, Twista seems to revel in the violence, depicting acts of savagery over a blend of sitar, melancholic violins, middle-Eastern wails. Over the course of two verses, Twista frames his violence through a lens of religious imagery. “I am the Christ and y’all are my disciples,” he raps.

Twista – Prayer


[Verse 1]
They say they want the original Twist
So I’m about to go in the mental and then I’ma hit ’em with this
Brutality at its finest when come to rhythm and rhymin’
Since they want me to come and empty the clip
I’m finna get to ’em, introducin’ a new fear to ’em
Better beware of who can enter the terror
I know that it’s a new era, I respect ’em all
Except for them niggas actin’ like bitches
That be wearin’ mascara, and they go for whoevеr
Do a maneuver for you to pursue, a
Nigga likе me but you can’t, I’m a barracuda
Big dog off Eukanuba, now you know who the ruler
Smokin’ super buddha that get you blowed like a tuba
Now I got the fire in my iris
Rappin’ to the violin on violence
Action, I’m admirin’ the sirens
Passion and desire through the cryin’
See the bullets flyin’, see the bodies dyin’, this is genocide
When they ridin’ see the hammer, I
Take over like a locksmith, breakin’ into the cockpit
Cut off the autopilot to the engine, then drop shit
Then jump into the moshpit
Now I’m all up in a cloud with the loud
Actin’ wild in the middle of the mob like I’m off one
Vocals full of hot shells to the dome of the adversaries
They be talkin’ shit till they caught one
Bust anatomy yellin’ “fuck what y’all sayin'”
Nigga, we into it so die while the music is playin’
Tell everybody get face down on the ground
I’mma leave ’em all layin’, and leave ’em all prayin’

[Verse 2]
Your flow is fraudulent
I can tell by the reaction of the audience
’cause they are not partyin’
The track I am bodyin’, I’m a fool
Takin’ niggas to school, I am the guardian
Lyrics are vital
I spit the kinda shit that excites you
I am the Christ and y’all are my disciples
Religion will protect, bullets hit you in the chest
If I have to I shoot through the Bible with the rifle
Tiger without a title
Strike ’em like I’m Michael Myers
Cut the tires, I desire blood when I step into the colosseum
Sacrificial lamb, I’mma be him, I can beat ’em
Down to a pulp, tell me who can stop me, I don’t see ’em
If the bullets that y’all clip’ll spray ricochet this-a-way
It can say pick a day that you gon’ see some disarray
Lyrics spillin’ out like andele, andele, run away
I’m a creature when I keep on dissin’ your bitch away
When it come to pimpin’ styles then I am an emblem
The way I disassemble ’em and reassemble ’em
Syllable after syllable down to the minimum
And swingin’ back and forth on a bitch like a pendulum
Before I murder you I’ma give you an option
You say you will get it poppin’ I’ma ask you where your verse at
Or face your funeral, I’m fuckin’ up your fantasy
And shoot your family up when they comin’ down the church steps
See the black masks poppin’ out the van and they buckin’
Like they know that you was fuckin’ up the plug with the man
All up in the club throwin’ money and you
Wasn’t showin’ love to the land, I’mma leave ’em all prayin’

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