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TwoTiime – Bigger Issues (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

TwoTiime is back with “Bigger Issues”. Listen, stream, buy, watch the video, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by GloryGainz.

Twotiime Bigger Issues

Twotiime Bigger Issues

Canada’s TwoTiime has been steadily climbing the ranks. The release of “Hood Cry” put him on the map and since then, he’s kept the momentum going with even more music. This past week, he unleashed his latest single, “Bigger Issues,” a follow-up to August’s “Up2Me.” Produced by GloryGainz, “Bigger Issues” finds TwoTiime reflecting on keeping his eye on the prize and making sure that his family is good.

“Everybody goes through issues in life but has a hard time solving them,” TwoTiime said of the new record. “‘Bigger Issues’ talks about certain situations I’ve gone through, and people close to me have gone through and I used to hear that line a lot, ‘Anyways I got Bigger Issues,’ you could be thinking about buying a Jordan suit but your rent needs to be paid. I got bigger issues.”

TwoTiime – Bigger Issues (prod. GloryGainz)

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Aye turn that bitch up glory
Mhmmm-mhm, yeah

Still sleeping on the floor and that’s just how it go
I know that shit gon’ get resolved once I start to blow
Watch my friends turn to snakes ’cause I’m on a roll
They gon’ tryna tag along once I’m on a roll
Now these bitches in my dm’s ’cause they see me poppin’
Labels started coming in, say they wanna lock it
I was born to be a leader like my name was Stockton
See it’s time to talk my shit while I’m making profit
Why the older niggas start to hate on the youngins?
They only pressed ’cause they know my niggas up to something
We doing better so they started beef over nothing
I looked these niggas in the eye ’cause I can tell they bluffing
Who that nigga with the twist? Man his flow go crazy?
He got to telling and I swear this shit not fugazi
I got these bitches in the back so how you tryna play me?
100 stacks for a verse that’s how I’m feeling lately
Me and you we not the same
I care about my hooyo, why you care about some fame?
I can never let a thot tryna carry out my name
You should worry about yourself how you carry all this pain
You can never say I needed you
Where was you when I was skipping school?
Tryna make it out it’s still a miracle
You envy what I see in you
So I can never be a friend to you
‘Cause my heart is what I listen to
I’m cold hearted, man I’m tryna be the next star
Always reppin’ for the block throw my west up
I be the first one in my hood with a Tesla, uh-uh
And mom I’ll get you out the projects
Always stressing ’bout the bills and the nonsense
See I’m only 18 with my mind set
A nigga got a bigger dream, fuck a Moncler
I was going through my phone I see you blowing up my line
I know you’re stressing, but your baby gon’ be fine
Thank you for your blessing without you I can’t get by
Still learning from your lesson, wipe the tears up off your eye
And I don’t got no beef, man, I just got jealousy, yeah-yeah
And I don’t got no beef, man, I just got jealousy, yeah
Niggas on the street, man I know they envy me, uh-uh
And I ain’t 23 but they calling me the M.V.P, yuh
Never put no pussy on no pedestal
And I ain’t tryna smoke unless it’s medical
Tryna get paid everyday counting every single penny to the death and more
And I don’t care what they gotta say ’cause the only thing I wanted to level up, yeah

I got bigger issues, for me I’m tryna solve em
Man that nigga funny, man I read him like a novel
Now she tryna diss me she say I treat her awful
So tell me why you miss me if I’m such a fucking problem?

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