TY Bello – Ope Loye (Audio, Video)

TY Bello - Ope Loye

is back, this time with “”. Watch the video, listen, stream, buy, mp3 download the live studio session.

Ty Bello – Ope Loye
Ty Bello – Ope Loye

TY Bello performs “Ope Loye O” in this new episode of her spontaneous worship series. She says,

God will always be deserving of our praise .. especially in the middle of contradiction. These have been crazy days .. but we chose to release God’s light .. like a friend of mine just taught me : We must man the gates of praise . We close the pathway to the enemy who comes to kill ,steal and destroy .. we open it to life and peace .. always always always .. ope lo ye Baba wa .. .we choose to praise .. we dare to be thankful.

TY Bello – Ope Loye

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Recorded by

Keys by Josh Bowale

Performed by TY Bello

Filmed by

Edited by


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