UGK – Underground (Audio, Lyrics)

UGK - Underground (prod. Pimp C)

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Ugk Underground
Ugk Underground

Remembering the albums that came before our time remains an important part of being a hip-hop historian, and though not everybody remembers where they were when UGK dropped Super Tight in 1994, the project still deserves a bit of love in this modern age. In fact, a case can be made that the Underground Kings deserve more love in general, though anyone in the know has respect for Bun B and the late Pimp C.

As for their artistry, Super Tight arrived as a follow-up to their debut album Too Hard To Swallow, and was largely seen as an improvement from its predecessor. Produced in near entirety by Pimp C, the album went a long way in putting the duo on the map, though hip-hop at large was still discovering that the South had something to say. Be that as it may, both Bun and Pimp were no less compelling as narrators, absolutely gliding over the latter’s smooth production on “Underground.” Their respective styles complementary yet distinct, it’s easy to see why they quickly emerged as one of the game’s best duos — and remained as such until Pimp C’s tragic passing in 2007.

UGK – Underground (prod. Pimp C)

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[Bun B]
Lately I’ve been feelin’ low, some say I ain’t trill no mo’
It ain’t like I give a damn cause they know I’m down to slam
Punk niggas to the street, split they wig to the meat
Laying in they bloody red, then I leave their ass flat dead fool
And I bet that on my ass, I’m ready to get on my blast
And I ain’t the easiest motherfucker to fly past
Last time I looked I wasn’t wearin’ panties so don’t say I was
I’m from that Texas, I ain’t your blood and I ain’t your cuz
I’m just that nigga trying to make life as easy as I can
But most of these punk ass niggas don’t understand the plan I got
Now they hot, walkin’ round pissed off but I ain’t worried
Im lettin’ off bullets in a hurry, and my people scurry
Cause I’m full of that damn dank and drank
So I’m finna shank your ass and while you’re layin’ in the grass
Thinkin’ that I was the nigga that you fucked wit’
Gun stick to ya lips, I’m from P.A. nigga, don’t fuck wit’

[Hook: Pimp C]
Ain’t no nigga like a underground nigga
Cause the rest of ya’ll niggas ain’t shit
Ain’t no nigga like a underground nigga
Cause the rest of y’all niggas ain’t shit
Ain’t no nigga like a underground nigga
Ain’t no nigga like a trill ass nigga
Ain’t no nigga like a big old bud nigga
Cause the rest of y’all niggas ain’t shit

[Pimp C]
I be getting real high, smoking weed and getting fried
Fuckin hoes wit’ big ol’ thighs, and bucking niggas ’til I die
Nigga you ain’t running shit, fronting like you making stacks
Riding round my niggas’ house in that old beat-up Cadillac
Yelling how you down with C, talking ’bout you book my shows
Never ever was my friend, always been my fucking foe
Never had no love for hoes, like that nigga ?? said
So nigga you dead soon as I buck you wit’ that fuckin’ lead
And that’s more real than a bypass
You need to bend yourself over so I can boot you in your fuckin’ ass
Ya think you’re slick and so you’re bigger, but I squeeze the trigger
Cause I’m bigger and I’m that underground nigga
Straight from P.A.T. where the shit don’t stop
Niggas always gettin’ smoked on the goddamn block
Short, Texas motherfucker, see I live in the bricks
Where the niggas smoke them Swishers and the bitches suck dick
Cause see…


[Outro: Pimp C (Bun B)]
Ain’t no nigga like a westside nigga
Ain’t no nigga like a eastside nigga
Ain’t no nigga like a D-Town nigga
(Ain’t no nigga like a N.O, nigga)
Ain’t no nigga like a H-Town nigga
Ain’t no nigga like a Chi-Town nigga
Ain’t no nigga like a P.A.T. nigga
Cause the rest of ya’ll niggas ain’t

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