Audio + Video: @PabloMazerati Ft. Patrice Forde – TNT (Timin n Tempo)

Have you ever wondered how beautiful sounds of music take time to become hits dont make it to the big platforms while some other less classy songs rule the airwaves?
While surfing the net i came across this artiste whose music is sweet, classy and just right.
Nigerian rapper/songwriter with the name Moroufdeen Makinde. Does that name ring a bell? It might not because he goes by the name . He
gained popularity as a professional multimedia designer, software / hardware developer, and also with the 2016 track “Duffle Bag” as a signee to The Hanger House/USA. He released an album, along with a mixtape in 2016: ’Third World Trap (EP) and 2:PM (Mixtape) both featuring artist Plug Money.
Now in the studio working on debut solo project Push To Start (EP) which is set to drop this summer.
Digging into his background, found out Pablo was raised between the caribbean, and United States. According to him when asked how his sound was created he had this to say


“For as long as I can remember I’ve always had the opportunity to reside around the world either on a job, or by chance, which fortunately has enabled me to make several friends with diverse cultures and musical background. Now my musical influences span through: Dance hall, AfroBeat, HipHop, R&B, Calypso and others”
Check out his TNT (Timin n Tempo) single featuring off his 2016  ’Third World Trap (EP)  as produced by “Black Mazzy and TriTriTrilla  alongside a clean video that TV stations should be rolling.
Get Pablo Mazerati ’s album‘ Third World Trap on iTunes
Connect with him on all social networking sites @PabloMazerati
Watch Video Below



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