Babby & Nwafrika Reminds Us To Party With Street Bop, Kowa

Date 2023-11-19

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Babby and Nwafrika combine to further stretch the ever-evolving Afrobeats street pop genre on Kowa.  The duo, both signees of SYB Records,  introduce their unique voices to the resurgent tapestry of Afrobeats street pop. On Kowa, they sing in search of the soft life. Using street anecdotes and clever songwriting, the duo seeks temporal pleasure in the face of everyday challenges.

Produced by Lib, the soundscape is a mid-tempo bounce, given life by a steadily progressive drum sequence. On it, Babby and Nwafrika intersect prodigiously. Jaunty and simplistic, the song’s message is that of living life to the fullest despite everything that says otherwise.



“We know there is so much going on, but the truth is, it’s either you let it get to you and bring you down or you ride the wave and rise above the problems’ comments Babby on their songwriting inspiration. Nwafrika also quips; “Live life to the fullest. Tomorrow is not promised. Nothing is sure. So if you get a chance to enjoy your life, enjoy it”.

Kowa is a pacemaker for their project due for release in early 2024. As the end of the year approaches, Kowa would serve as a brilliant addition to any party playlists- and as a reminder to find pockets of happiness in the midst of life’s tribulations.



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