Casanova – Run The Town (Audio, Video)

Casanova - Run The Town

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Casanova Run The Town
Casanova Run The Town

Casanova made a very interesting statement the other day on Twitter. “ALOT OF RAPPERS/CELEBRITIES REALLY WANNA GO PROTEST BUT THEY AINT GOOD IN THEY OWN HOOD..PLEASE DONT BE MAD AT THEM BE UNDERSTANDING,” he tweeted. Following the tweet, he unleashed his latest single, “Run The Town” that brings high-energy vibrancy to the message that’s being amplified across America. The rapper’s new single expressed the need for putting power back into the people’s hands rather than the police. The accompanying visual includes footage of Casanova protesting in the streets along with footage of police getting beat up. More than that, Cas’ tackles the topic of white supremacy, specifically when it comes to vigilantes and law enforcement.

It’s a raw record from Cas, and arguably, one of his best in recent times.

Casanova – Run The Town

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Quotable Lyrics
I got an AK for the KK
I got a bigger friend for George Zimmerman
Trump in office, who’s votin’?
They kill Nia Wilson out in Oakland
Let’s get the cracker who attacked her
I’m feelin’ Blacker, they better call for back up

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