Giftty Release New EP, Golden Boy

Date 2023-09-30

Category Upcoming Artists

Giftty’s sophomore project, Golden Boy EP, is a testimony and a reminder of the artist’s versatility, talent and penchant for earworms. On Golden Boy, Gifty paints a brilliant portrait of self-discovery, of love, fun, and everything in between.

Afro-soul at it’s assorted best. on Golden Boy, Giftty, slides and turns between tempos and themes. Centralized and held together by a relatable story of love, of lust, and introspection. On the opener “Love is Blind’, Giftty abandons temporal pleasure as the object of his affection that pulls at his heartstrings. The sound it inspires is a beautiful love song that will keep listeners in a romantic reverie for its full three minutes of play.

‘Where Do We Go’ is the second song on the body of work after coming from the hill of love and romance.  Here,  Giftty is beautifully introspective. He asks questions, accepts his vulnerabilities and embraces humility. Where Do We Go is a soul-searching number that is as soulful as it is simple, digestible and relatable.

Anaconda is the EP’s third composition. This one is a sprawling serenade of raunchy symbolism, it is a suggestive offering of a good time- sensual, charged and invitational. Anaconda is a fun gamble- suitable for the dance floor and the playlists of good timers.

‘Odoyewu’ is the project’s penultimate song. Following in the footsteps of its harbinger. Here, Giftty promises unconditional loyalty, care and devotion. He has only eyes for his muse and he’s never letting go. Odoyewu is a steadfast promise suitable for wedding parties, and every lover’s playlist.

The terminal composition on the body of work  ‘4Life’ is a promise delivered subtly in a mid-tempo sequence on bars. Here, the Edo-born artist confesses and proclaims his attraction to his muse. He makes promises- grand and sweet and offers hearts and flowers as he brings the wholesome composition to a close.

A solid body of work, on Golden Boy EP, Giftty’s tapestry of sonics is a beguiling composition that is as rich in story as it is in melody, in vibration and in production.



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