(Music) Zivik – In The Spirit

We understand so well that the spiritual controls the natural, in the book of John how God created the whole world, first in the realms of the spiritual, before the Genesis we all know and dwells in the physical.
Being a redeemed SON by CHRIST BLOOD, being perfected in Him, I’ve come to know with all humility to conquer in the realms of the The Physical, as a bonified son there’s need for us as individuals and also groups to take responsibility, in His word, Gods word, that’s taking up your cross.
By faith, In bringing to pass that very life we’ve hoped and desired.
By His grace, the beautiful part of it is that it’s a system that keeps and makes one live a thankful, blessed, and full life in exploring one’s potentials.
Listen to In The Spirit by Zivik and be in the spirit. Enjoy.

Zivik – In The Spirit

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