Vic Mensa – Breathe (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Vic Mensa - Breathe (Freestyle) (prod. Just Blaze)

is back with a freestyle titled “”. Listen, stream, watch the video, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics the song produced by .

Vic Mensa Breathe
Vic Mensa Breathe

When he isn’t doing all that he can to help the youth in his hometown of Chicago, Vic Mensa is hard at work in the studio. The last time we received a project from the 27-year-old rapper was back in August when he dropped off his 7-track V Tape—a collection of songs that fans and fellow artists alike applauded. On Monday (November 30), Mensa returned with more music for the masses, this time delivering his “Breathe (Freestyle).”

Mensa raps over the beat to Fabolous’s classic 2004 hit “Breathe,” a song that has prompted many emcees to share verses over its Just Blaze production.

Vic Mensa – Breathe (Freestyle) (prod. Just Blaze)

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Make it hard for niggas to breathe when
V come through in that V12
Spinter outside the club for the females, Invite them in the slot
Then let them take shots no B12
And see who end up on they Sprewell
Choking on the dino, she only drink vino not Titos
Dries Van Noten tuxedo pockets on Don Vito
He broke, he don’t get no bread, he gotta be keto
How I grapple with tragedy they thought I’d do Hapkido
A bullet hit Dare brain I tatted his very name
Right on my wrist, so I write, like this mic In my fist
An extension of the life that he missed
Cannabis making billions he lost his life for a zip, shit
But I’m still the same nigga you love to hate
2021 Ice Cube I feel like a young O’Shea
But I don’t step foot behind enemy lines
‘Less I’m spinning the block twice, like an infinity sign
I like leg sittin’ indian style? Y’all got me twisted
As if I won’t pop this biscuit, oh
You think I’m chicken
Like we won’t kill you for this bread if you let us
Don’t be the next Popeyes victim
My niggas is young and hungry, I don’t hang in Hollywood
They gotta feed their families so they bangin’ for the hood
If you ain’t at the table with us you on the menu
You think it’s for show, ’till they come shoot up the venue
I don’t pretend to glorify nothin’ I’m not
Just know that last online beef (Yeah)
Someone got shot
I ain’t asked, they ain’t tell, oh well that’s the G code
They pop up with Glocks out of nowhere, that’s a cheat code (Yeah)
I must’ve had one how I’ve been evading death
15,000 volts shot through my elbow
That’s double the third rail enough to stop a train in it’s tracks
It ain’t stop the kid it put the battery in my back, yeah
A live wire, two charges for fire arms
I’m my whole top 5, nigga pardon my Dylon
Since Dave said he don’t own the rights to Chappelle Show
Fuck, this bitch still wanna Netflix and Chill though
And the kids look at me like a hero
But I’m still hungry, still hustlin’, still in the streets I still feel broke
Looking for the blimp, where the good years go?
Grammy nominated and still sellin’ grams though
I done lost everything, nigga what could you take from me?
‘Less you put my body in sheets and yellow tape on me
Why I gotta spazz on these beats long as the tape runnin’
Take nothin’, made somethin’
SAVEMONEY last word I breathe

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