Vic Mensa released “LVLN UP” off new album (+Lyrics)

Date 2023-09-16

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Off the VICTOR album released yesterday, Vic Mensa releases “LVLN UP”, a song self-produced alongside Bongo, Corbett, DJ Eway, Peter CottonTale, Aesha Dominguez, ​​johan lenox. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the track, mp3 download.

Vic Mensa is back with his second single, “LVLN UP,” from his upcoming studio album, *Victor*. The album was just released yesterday, and “LVLN UP” is a notable track from it. Vic Mensa, hailing from Chicago, is a veteran in the rap game, but surprisingly, this is only his second solo album, despite having numerous EPs and collaborative projects.

In “LVLN UP,” Vic takes a more personal and storytelling approach, addressing his life experiences and encounters with racism. The song delivers a powerful message as Vic reflects on his desire to escape racial prejudice by wishing to be white. On the other hand, it also carries an air of confidence and braggadocio.

The track showcases Vic Mensa’s versatility and ability to navigate different styles and themes in his music. It’s a thought-provoking and impactful song that adds depth to his body of work.

What are your initial thoughts on “LVLN UP” and Vic Mensa’s continued presence in the rap lane? Feel free to share your opinions on this track and compare it to his previous single, “Blue Eyes.” Your thoughts and comments are welcome in the section below!

Vic Mensa – LVLN UP (prod. Bongo, Corbett, DJ Eway, Peter CottonTale, Aesha Dominguez, ​​johan lenox & VIC MENSA)

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15 September 2023
1 Song, 2 minutes
℗ 2023 Roc Nation Records, LLC


Ay, ay, ay, I’m levelin’ up (Levelin’ up)
Too much was never enough (Never enough)
If I said it was up, then it’s what? (Stuck)
Stuck there, yeah
And I got Ed in the cut
He gon’ shoot like he Steph in the clutch (Clutch)
I’m levelin’, levelin’, levelin’

Oh, god damn, that nigga levelin’ up
I was just down on my luck
They said I would never come up
Look at me now, wealthy as fuck
My nigga, I’m levelin’ up
I’m levelin’, levelin’, levelin’, levelin’

Fresh out of county, they had me in stripes
They wanna feed me with sedatives
No, I’m not a pharmaceutical company; I don’t be pedalin’ medicine
I got a whole new gameplan, I’m doin’ numbers like Rain Man
How many years I’ve been dope, man?
I said fuck it and started a weed brand
And I’m connected like Edison, ay
Meeting with African presidents, ay
I got a plan for the continent, ay
They cannot damage my confidence, ay
I’m overseas, I want all the B’s, a nigga not talkin’ ’bout consonants
My people are victims of capitalism; I know this shit all about marketing

(Level, level, level, level)
Ugh, levelin’, levelin’, levelin’, levelin’
Everything done with longevity
Niggas can take a mug shot, but they can’t get ahead of me
Savemoney the brand, the label, ay
Savemoney the army, the naval, ay
I just pulled off in a demon, the spirits so high, I be talkin’ to angels

Ay, ay, ay, I’m levelin’ up
These niggas ain’t ready for us
Chain hanging, it’s heavy as fuck
Yeah, yeah
I got the MAC in the tuck
I’ma shoot it like Steph in the, what?
I’m levelin’, levelin’, levelin’


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