Wale – Groundhog Day (Poem) (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Date 2020-07-16

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Listen, stream, buy, watch the video, mp3 download, read the lyrics – throwback to the “Groundhog Day” poem by rapper, Wale. The song was produced by Jake One.

Wale Groundhog Day

Wale Groundhog Day

Wale – Groundhog Day (Poem) (prod. Jake One)

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Let me spark something to talk something
Ay big moons hold up
You stupid stupid stupid motherfuckers
How you gon’ count me of the game
I done broke records so recklessly with effortless ease
That the coach, owners, cheerleader, nosebleed seaters
And both teams told me I should wardrobe with the clothes
Of all 124 referees all season and off season
You best believe I earned my stripes
Though I’m constantly searching for this inner peace
But this inner beast of my inner being is been used and abused
By this bougie-ass music industry full of overlooking, overpaid
Over-wave ridin’, hate-mongering, sorta kinda hate the president online
But don’t do a thing about it, overly overdosing on anesthesia fiends
Yeah I got three shots for every one of your pseudo-think pieces with three z’s like pshew pshew pshew
Keep sleeping, I ain’t gonna holler for your admiration
I’m just gonna get my black ass in this booth, cut loose so I can buy papaya juice for my beautiful black baby
And I love you Zyla, but if this game kills your father
Know we started off as a passenger, put some passion in it
And some non-passive aggressiveness and got the status of a motherfuckin rider
Just know you went from holding a Jordan aqua in the locker room to videos in Boston with Anglo-Saxon Lady Gaga in his palm
And ain’t no rhymer got close to that shawty
Just know he toured the world with Ross and gave him his first platinum plaque that he ain’t even had to adlib, rap or even talk on
Nah this Folarin with the art of sad song that TT wrote and bad girl RiRi
But we call Robyn hopped on and put your father on a hotass tour
And her and Auntie Mil bought you a million diapers
So with this mic and your stomach for every bowel that you shift, I vow that’s another instrumental to copy you with the caca
You know Chocolate City, I put on for
Know I had 44 chats and 44 daps and a glass of yac with the 44th commander-in-chief
And more than happy to preach to you that that warrior was black
Open the state of the union with the same state of mind as the day I did the go-go thing of mine in the go-hard days when I flowed out Suitland
I done said “fuck the industry” so many times that if it had walls
A 60 foot long whatchamacallit, can never find it stick it with or without a condom, I got it
I done said “fuck the industry” so many times that 999 billion nymphomaniacs were turned away from that, tempted but too tired to try that trash-ass vagina
Maybe I was the villain the whole time
Maybe I was just He-man in my mind, but
Heath Ledger with green dreads in his prime
You all small-minded, dick-gliding, culture vampires that post the most about niggas that can’t rhyme cause y’all just tryin’ to stay with the times
I see y’all
Or maybe I, maybe I go bad on some of you niggas, huh?
How bout that? I go bad on some of you niggas, huh?
Like how “[bleep] is fake” and how “[bleep] is fake” and how “[bleep] is in the closet”, but that’s not my business or y’all’s
Anyway, maybe I mind my business and try counting my blessings
While I watch these discount niggas buy their way in with their lay-away effort
And lay waste to the very game I did my best in
Battling my label
One way too aggressive nemesis, and these never-ending spells with bipolar depression all, the while progressing
Maybe I mind my business and count my blessings
Be a living testament, a walking embodiment for
Everybody that’s been endlessly tested
And maybe resent the sentiment that they rarely respected
Maybe I mind my business and count my blessings
Everyday is groundhog’s day
So what you say I anticipate, cause I heard it forever and ever and ever
Ain’t no way in hell the devil gon’ stop my endeavors, yes
Forever underrated ’til Undertaker makes his presence
And as we know, the utmost praise for those who cannot feel it
The decadent bouquets that set the stage are actually for those that are still with us
My nigga, the corpse can’t smell it he’s over there cool chillin
So maybe I mind my business and provide for my Zyla, her mama and my niggas
And one day buy a house for Big I, Emilola, Roberto, Diane and Jordan
So they can enjoy the journey I’ve endured that’ll probably kill me
I mind my business
I mind my business
Nigga mind your business
And in this dark time, if we don’t find a reason to smile
We ain’t never gon’ shine nigga
So Shine nigga
My niggas
In due time I get right withcha

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