Westside Gunn – Euro Step (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

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Westside Gunn Euro Step
Westside Gunn Euro Step

Westside Gunn may be a rising name in the opulent world of high fashion and art collecting, but the Griselda movement will never stop being synonymous with Buffalo hip-hop. Today, Gunn came through with a reminder of his roots, dropping off another dose of visuals from his recent Pray For Paris album. “Euro Step” is directed by The Wizard, taking place in Gunn’s neighbourhood with a sizable entourage on deck.

Insofar as the premise goes, the clip is relatively simple. Hoodied up like a boss, Gun leads the charge with commanding presence, all the while doing his part to spark the world’s grimiest dance challenge in the background. Halfway through, the rapper switches gears for the video’s second half, as “Euro Step” transitions into “No Vacancy.” This time moving by night, the video’s latter half is a suitable conclusion to Westside’s latest. Considering this was clearly shot during the quarantine, he and his team certainly made things work with what they had.

Westside Gunn – Euro Step (prod. Conductor Williams)

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Conductor, Conductor, Conductor

Ayo, rockin’ all Sacai in the 911 soft-top (Skrrt)
Hopped out, big drum on it, had to sort ’em out (Brr, brr)
Peace, my name’s West, but I’m from the East (Ah)
Ayo, the only nigga that got five visions with fire vision
Open your eyes, listen, this our time, Christie’s and Fly
Waitin’ for fly bitches, sippin’ pain in the rain
Never got wet, this for my niggas that’s locked in the cage
Brushin’ they waves with a chip bag, drive it like Six Flags (Skrrt)
Clothes from Fifth Ave, broke it, I got rich fast
How you figure you niggas iller? You illin’, millin’, and shillin’
Icon, what a wonderful feeling, put holes in your building (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)
Allah willin’, I be touchin’ big bags (Ah)
Goyard leashes on all-red Saint Bernards
Saint Laurents, water whip the coke with the Avian
They be on bullshit, I be on real time
I be out in France with Clovis sippin’ real wine
Toast to my real niggas that’s sellin’ dope still (Ah)

I be sippin’ real wine, toast to my niggas (Brr)
Toast to my niggas in the field, s— (Brr)
Mm-mm-mm, na-na and red wine
Toast to my niggas in the field, sellin’ dope, yeah
To my niggas still in field, sellin’ dope (Ah)

[Outro: Ghostface Killah]
My middle knuckle is bigger than all my knuckles on this hand right here, bruh
You ain’t got a scratch on your middle knuckle
You know what I mean? You ain’t been through nothin’
You never— Ain’t— You never been in the— In the crib
With welfare cheese and fried bologna and all that stuff like that for dinner at nighttime, man
Don’t come at me with that lil’ punk ass shit

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