Wyclef Jean Teams Up With Pusha T and More for “Paper Right” (+Lyrics)

Date 2024-01-14

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Wyclef Jean unveils the self-produced “Paper Right” track with Pusha T, Lola Brooke, Capella Grey, Flau’jae. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the song, mp3 download.

Wyclef Jean is back with a new track that has a powerful message and a star-studded lineup. The legendary rapper and producer has enlisted Pusha T, Lola Brooke, Capella Grey, and Flau’jae for his self-produced song “Paper Right”, which aims to raise awareness and funds for financial literacy and retirement equality.

Wyclef Jean Paper Right

Wyclef Jean Paper Right

The song, which was released on January 10, 2024, is a collaboration with TIAA, a leading provider of financial services for the academic, research, medical, cultural, and government fields. TIAA launched the “Retire Inequality” initiative to address the racial wealth gap and the retirement savings crisis that affects millions of Americans, especially Black Americans. According to TIAA’s website, 54% of Black Americans don’t have enough savings to retire, and 41% of young adults between 24-35 aren’t taking full advantage of employer-sponsored plans.

“Paper Right” is a catchy and motivational anthem that encourages listeners to take control of their financial future and invest in their dreams. Each artist delivers a verse that reflects their personal journey and their advice for achieving financial freedom. Wyclef Jean, who is also the executive producer of the song, raps about his humble beginnings in Haiti and his success in the music industry. He also urges his fans to educate themselves and plan ahead for their retirement. Pusha T, who is known for his drug-dealing rhymes, reveals that he has diversified his portfolio and invested in real estate, art, and cryptocurrency. He also warns his peers to avoid scams and taxes. Lola Brooke, a rising rapper from Brooklyn, shares her story of overcoming poverty and violence and making it in the rap game. She also stresses the importance of saving money and building credit. Capella Grey, a singer and songwriter from the Bronx, sings about his aspirations and his hustle. He also encourages his listeners to follow their passion and find their purpose. Flau’jae, a young rapper and activist from Savannah, Georgia, raps about her legacy and her mission. She also inspires her generation to be smart and ambitious with their money.

The song is not only a musical masterpiece, but also a philanthropic one. A portion of the proceeds from the song will be donated to First Generation Investors, a nonprofit organization that teaches low-income and minority students how to invest in the stock market. The organization also provides mentorship, scholarships, and career opportunities for its participants. Wyclef Jean and TIAA hope that the song and the donation will help create a more equitable and prosperous society for everyone.

You can listen to Wyclef Jean’s new track and watch the lyric video on YouTube below. You can also stream the song on Spotify, Apple Music, and other platforms. You can also read the lyrics on Genius or buy the song on iTunes.

Wyclef Jean – Paper Right (ft. Pusha T, Lola Brooke, Capella Grey, Flau’jae) (prod. Wyclef Jean)

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11 January 2024
1 Song, 3 minutes
℗ 2024 Sodo Mood Lab


[Chorus: Wyclef Jean & Flau’jae]
Drinks on me, got my paper right (Yeah)
You can hustle too, get your paper right (Yeah)
Long before that diamond, I was in the dark (Oh-oh, oh, oh-oh)
Graveyard shift, had to double up

[Post-Chorus: Flau’jae, Wyclef Jean, Flau’jae & Wyclef Jean, Lola Brooke]
Now that she sun is shinin’, shinin’ on me
Everything is up (Everything), everything is up (Everything)
Went from the housing projects, projects, yeah (Yeah)
Now the real estate is up (Yeah, it’s up, now we up)
Everything is up (Everything is up, everything)

[Verse 1: Lola Brooke]
Team 80 gon’ save the game, fulfillin’ aches and pain
I’m just comin’ off of Section 8, it cut deeper than a razor blade
They let me hang for days, you know it’s up ’cause I saved the date (Uh-huh)
Financial freedom is so fulfillin’ (Frrt)
Generational wealth is what you show the children (Frrt)
I’m in my righteous rhythm, from commentin’, I got the right to pin ’em (I got the right to, uh)
But let’s focus on the wins, I’m tryna flourish from the flaws
My moms told me that I’m bigger than ’em all, so I took her to the mall
Told her pick up the first thing she saw
I ain’t forget, I still gotta change the addy on your door
I got love for the pink and red ribbons (Huh)
Blessed to have health and I’m livin’ (Yeah)
And take it personal how they did me (Nah, haha)
I can’t forget it, I believe in God, my whole life was written

[Chorus: Wyclef Jean & Flau’jae]
Drinks on me, got my paper right (Oh-oh, oh, oh-oh)
You can hustle too, get your paper right (Oh-oh, oh, oh-oh)
Long before that diamond, I was in the dark (Oh-oh, oh, oh-oh)
Graveyard shift, had to double up

[Verse 2: Pusha T]
Stood tall on ’em corners
Old ladies warned us, so they ain’t have to mourn us
Street lords said, “join us”
You could turn a brick to a Bimmer, here some pointers
Nowadays, I’m ignorin’ ’em
Rather build a legacy for my son, that’s important for him
Real estate just rewardin’ him
Generational wealth, when I’m gone, he’s still flourishin’
Everybody ain’t applaudin’ him
And the money that he stack is every barbershop’s argument
My elevator’s up, pardon him
When your name ring they start double-edge swordin’ him
I don’t do much bargaining, so I keep a side hustle for the goals that I’m targetin’ (Push)

[Chorus: Wyclef Jean & Flau’jae]
Drinks on me, got my paper right (Oh-oh, oh, oh-oh)
You can hustle too, get your paper right (Oh-oh, oh, oh-oh)
Long before that diamond, I was in the dark (Oh-oh, oh, oh-oh)
Graveyard shift, had to double up

[Verse 3: Flau’jae]
Look, I had to get my paper tight, mama need an acre, right
I been workin’ 24/7, like I can’t waste a night
Warrior, I’m battlin’ problems that I can’t wait to fight
And the cards that they dealt her, got her takin’ flight (Woo)
Modest, I can tell, I keep it real and prevail
And when I had to go fail, they know that I’m rich as hell
Shot callers, this legit, I be knowin’ just what to sell
Doin’ it for my kids, kids, generational wealth
And lil’ ol’ me just found a seat with all of the greats
I’m investin’ in myself, so it ain’t hard to relate
I been a lion, out the jungle, the lightning, that’s in the thunder
Inspired the ones that’s younger, was tired of bein’ under
Yeah, shifts at the graveyard, spend, but I save hard
Porsche is my play car, all of it paid off

[Bridge: Capella Grey]
Everything is up, movin’ for us
And my business in order, money stackin’ taller
Now Forbes wanna report us
No matter what we do, they gon’ wan’ speak
But they what they gon’ do ’bout we?
Oh, we the vibe in the city, oh

[Outro: Wyclef Jean]
Drinks on me, got my paper right, got my paper right
Drinks on me, got my paper right, got my paper right
Drinks on me, got my paper right

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