YN Jay – “Coochie Language” [Audio, Lyrics, Video]

YN Jay - Coochie Language (prod. Enrgy Beats)

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Yn Jay Coochie Language
Yn Jay Coochie Language

The importance of being bilingual should not go unappreciated, and Detroit native YN Jay knows this all too well. As such, he’s opted to devote his time to the tireless study of “Coochie Language,” doing his part to spread the word like the tutor we never knew we needed. Having only just turned in a guest appearance on Lil Yachty’s Michigan Boy Boat, Jay wastes little time in getting back to basics with “Coochie Language,” a song that highlights the many unique characteristics that set him apart.

Over a wavy instrumental from ENRGY, self-proclaimed “Coochie Man” Jay burrows deep into an unexpected pocket, rattling off mischievous bars that really target all five senses. There’s a strangeness to his approach that will likely alienate some listeners, while others will surely find themselves entranced by Jay’s charisma and undeniably original flow. Off-kilter, true, but brimming with character all the same. Dive into the higher learnings of “Coochie Language” now, and lose yourself in YN Jay’s world of debauchery and cutthroat street philosophies now.

YN Jay – Coochie Language (prod. Enrgy Beats)

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Enrgy made this one
Nyah, nyah
*chewing noise*

Got a spanish ba-
Got a spanish bitch she know English but (Damn!)
Got a spanish bitch she know English
But don’t know Coochie Language
Bad bitch don’t know how to dance
But her booty shaking
Bitch shaking ass in the club
But yo booty stankin’
Bitch need to wash that lil’ cat that lil’ coochie stankin’
Walk in my crib on my [?]
[?] coochie paintings

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