YN Jay – “Triple S (remix)” (ft. Coi Leray) [Audio, Lyrics]

YN Jay - Triple S (remix) (ft. Coi Leray) (prod. Enrgy Beats)

YN Jay unveils the remix for the song, “Triple S” now featuring Coi Leray, produced by Enrgy Beats. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the song.

Yn Jay Triple S (remix)
Yn Jay Triple S (remix)

Flint-based emcee YN Jay has accumulated quite the fanbase due to his lurid lyrics and bouncy flow. Once again, the rapper has delivered with a remix to the Tik-Tok smash “Triple S,” assisted by none other than XXL Freshman Coi Leray. Not to mention the original song garnered over 19 million streams on Spotify, making it far more than just another viral hit.

The original track earned high praise from numerous outlets, with Pitchfork writing “there is Bruce Wayne and Batman, Clark Kent and Superman. And now, YN jay and the Coochie Mann.” In other words, YN Jay is to coochie what Lil Wayne is to pussy: a connoisseur, if you will.

YN Jay – Triple S (remix) (ft. Coi Leray) (prod. Enrgy Beats)


[Intro: YN Jay]
(Enrgy, made this one)
Oh, you said you want?–Alright
I can take you there
That’s all you gotta do is say that one time
Okay, yeah

[Verse 1: YN Jay]
New bitch, yeah she bad as hell, she got long hair
Pretty bitch, got a big booty, yeah I gotta stare
Momma always told me I was different, I ain’t got no fears
I don’t eat the cat, that’s why I probably don’t got a beard
I can tell you ’bout my life story, you ain’t gotta care
Bitch keep calling me out my name, you ain’t gotta swear
Nigga tried to tell me bad advice, I had to close my ears
Uncle Willie sleep on the lawn, he just got a chair
Damn, unc’ wake up
I was sleep too long in my dream, I had to wake up
All my time I spent doin’ nothin’, gotta make up
I just left my bitch, aw man, that’s a breakup
Oh, you wanna see me pop off? Shake up
All I want is some Ramen Noodles, put the Steak up
Get to throwin’ money in the club, they gotta rake up
Seem like my best friend start hatin’ since I came up
Nigga thought that I was done, thought I gave up
Nigga tellin’ stories in his raps, it was made up
Could’ve dunked it for the game-winner, but I laid up
Bitch called me cheatin’, damn, I played dumb
Bitch tried to send me her location, but I ain’t come
Bitch gave me head but it was alright, no I ain’t cum
Why you hop your dumbass in the car if you can’t come?
Never seen me comin’, I was dressed as a fake bum
(Sss) My shoes say Triple S
I been gettin’ money all night, I forget to stress
Told bro I was up now, I forget I’m next

[Verse 2: Coi Leray & Louie Ray]
Ayy, ayy, yeah
He’ll still eat my little ass if my ass [?]
Yeah, I put this ass all on his face, almost broke the chair
I just got my braids done, baby, don’t pull my hair
[?] sent these new SB’s, I want every pair
See that boy in public, told his ass he can’t hug me
Whole gang quiet [?] buggin’
Bitch, I love money, sorry baby, you can’t love me
Yeah, ayy
Stuntin’ in (Ayy) Rick jeans and they’re ripped, bitch
Bitches want smoke, watch out, yeah, get hit
It’s a big stick, when he lookin’ at me, get his dick licked
Hold on, (Okay), Ahh

[Outro: YN Jay]
That’s all you gotta do is say that one time
Okay, yeah

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