Young M.A – “Don Diva” [Audio, Lyrics, Video]

Date 2021-05-21

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American female rapper, Young M.A premieres the visual for Her Rubi Rose-featured “Don Diva” track co-produced by SOUNDSfromIKEY & JayUncut. Watch the video, listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download the song.

Young M.a Don Diva

Young M.a Don Diva

This fire track finds Young M.A. spitting clever lines such as “She like to do her, I say do me though. Little bougie hoe I told her I’m a big dog just like Scooby though.” Over a production that slaps just as hard as Young M.A’s bars do, Rubi Rose holds her own on this banger as well. “Yeah it’s Rubi baby, tryna fuck you with the smash like I’m a goonie baby. Know you bumping all of my Tunes like a Looney baby,” Rose spits in her verse that follows Young M.A’s.

Off the Yak is Young M.A’s first full-length project since Herstory in the Making, her debut album. Herstory in the Making consisted of bangers such as “Petty Wap,” “Petty Wap 2,” and “RNID.”

Young M.A – Don Diva (ft. Rubi Rose) (prod. SOUNDSfromIKEY & JayUncut)


[Intro: Young M.A]
Hey, shawty thick, you know what I mean? Ah-ah
Let me show you what’s up mama?
Ayy, ayy, ayy

[Verse 1: Young M.A & Rubi Rose]
Little cutie-o with the booty, yo
She like to do her, I said, “Do me though”
Lil’ bougie hoe
I told her I’m a Big Dog like I’m Scooby though
And I keep a Glock ’cause it get spooky though (Grr)
I don’t know that lame bitch I’m like, “Who the hoe?” (Who that?)
Big ice VV’s, just call me Coolio (Ooh, ooh)
The Big Don, 1942, Julio (Uh, uh)
First I beat a nigga up then beat the coochie though (Ooh, ooh)
Big drip Louie though (Ooh)
Yeah, she bad, but she Gucci though (Okay)
I could make that pussy sing like the studio (Yeah, uh)
Sing it to me, baby (Sing it to me, ayy)
I’m tryna Uber Eat the pussy, bring it to me, baby (Bring it to me, baby, Yeah, Rubi, yeah)

[Verse 2: Rubi Rose & Young M.A]
Yeah, it’s Rubi, baby (Rubi, yeah)
I’m tryna fuck you with this mask like a goonie, baby (Uh, uh)
Know you bumpin’ all my tunes like a looney, baby
I’m a bougie bitch, can’t treat me like a groupie, baby (I ain’t no groupie, baby)
You a extra ass nigga, you be at all my shows (All of ’em)
I switch up my niggas like I switch up my flows (Switch)
Fly me out to France, french tips on my toes (Ride)
Ride around like a boss (Yeah), Rubi Rose in that Rolls (Yeah)
I’ma bad bitch (Yeah), I ain’t no Busta Rhymes
Touch it, you can have it
This my new whip I pulled up in a carriage (Skrr, skrr)
VV’s bustin’ on my neck look like carrots (Okay, okay)
Fuck you like a rabbit (Okay, okay)
‘Cause love ain’t no habit, no

[Verse 3: Young M.A & Rubi Rose]
If she bad I already had it (Mm-hmm)
Ain’t no need to get the pistol, I’m already packin’ (Grr)
Slim John, but she carryin’ a paddywagon (Ooh)
She from the A, I said, “What’s good”, she said, “What’s hattnin’, hattnin’?” (What’s hattnin’, hattnin’?)
Oh, you lit? She said, “Yeah and that’s the Patek flashin'” (Okay)
Ooh, I love the way you talk shit (Okay)
I love the way your attitude is on some boss shit (Okay)
80K for the Cubans, but that don’t cost shit (It don’t cost shit)
‘Cause I’m a big dog (Big dog)
Hoes can’t tell me shit, I wear the big drawers (Wear the big drawers)
Shoot this rocket make a pussy nigga lift-off (Lift-off)
She a hottie little mami, but her wrist froze (Ooh)
Got ’em pissed off, ooh

[Verse 4: Rubi Rose & Young M.A]
Hard-headed, but my lips soft (Mwah)
Hatin’ hoes, you the type to make his dick soft (Yeah)
Thoroughbred chick, help him get his bricks off
Two-tone AP, show my wrist off (Ice)
Why he blowin’ up my phone? I be blowin’ bands (I be blowin’ bands)
Both hands full of bands, ain’t no holdin’ hands (Bitch)
I don’t even want the nigga, come get your man
I just made six figures on my OnlyFans
Ooh, he love the way I talk shit (He love that shit)
He love the way my attitude is on some boss shit (Boss shit)
Hunnid for the AP that don’t cost shit (I’m rich, bitch)
‘Cause I’m the Big Diva
A nigga can’t tell me shit and a bitch either (Nah)
My purse hold the big bands and a little Nina (Okay)
I’m a hottie little mami, but the wrist freezin’

[Verse 5: Young M.A]
Fuck your man, he a dick eater (Yeah, hoe)
You be cheatin’, I be cheatin’ but I’m the big cheater (I’m a hoe)
The big cat, the big racks make ’em sick fever (Ugh, ugh, ugh)
All black ‘Vetty, pull up like the grim reaper (Skrr)
Blowin’ loud packs, stinkin’ like a gym sneaker
Ooh, ’cause I be smokin’ dope shit
We in the back of that back doin’ grown shit (Ooh)
She a boss, but in bed she do that hoe shit
I be like, “Ooh, ooh, oh shit” (Oh shit)
She a big freak (Big freak )
But I’ma fuck her, then I’m dippin’ like a six piece (Six)
Feelings on decrease, bank account on increase (Okay)
Bitch, please (Ooh)

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