Youngs Teflon – No Sleep (Audio)

Youngs Teflon - No Sleep

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Youngs Teflon unveils new unreleased song titled “No Sleep”. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download the song.

Youngs Teflon No Sleep
Youngs Teflon No Sleep

Working on your birthday is a drag but maybe not as much if you’re a rapper and have loads of music you’ve been inching to release to the world. Youngs Teflon gave fans a special treat for his 29th birthday with the release of his latest single, “No Sleep.” Bringing laidback flows with auto-tune pungent melodies, Teflon contrasts the tropical guitars with admissions of his own anxieties and paranoia. “I can’t sleep ’cause I keep seeing dead faces,” he raps as he details his ambitions to get to the money and provide for his family by any means necessary.

The latest single comes straight out the vault weeks after he dropped off his last single, “El Classico.” Along with a few other anthems he’s released throughout the year, perhaps we’re inching closer towards a new project before the end of the year.

Youngs Teflon – No Sleep

Quotable Lyrics
I’m in the trenches, I can’t lie, that shit changed me
Found Kofee body on the tracks, that shit crazy
I pour a double cup and hope this Cali take the pain away
Tryna blow the bag, they said save it for a rainy day

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